da QEC.....nobody following?

Dinara Klinton - 1st round

euro sheeyats is too late at night for me to follow.
But I’ll check out Klinton’s round, thanks.

wtf, is this highlights only?
where was the second movement of op 111, suddenly there was schubert-liszt?
surely she didn’t just play the first movement?
I couldn’t hear the announcement properly.

That’s all she played :slight_smile:

cmireb.be/cgi?usr=yawbyyax8k … x=27233914

well that’s disappointing, I hate it when people only play one movement of a sonata, especially op 111!

agreed lol, to be fair she probably juzt wanted to cram more stuff in.

Having looked at a few of their programmes I think this is the rep requirement (one movement). Not a fan!
the semi finalists are up, Klinton didn’t make it unfortunately.

cmireb.be/cgi?usr=wc7ymmgkew … x=31445416

Semi Final livestream is also daily available now at 3pm and 8pm CET


hahahaah wtf iz thiz NOZE-relativ playin?

pretty cool pozz :lib:

muz be a commiziond fo tha comp zheeyat, az i t hink he haz tha partittah in front 8)

tru, his playin bit borin tho…letz hope russian is bettar

I guess I missed the stream, cause when I clicked on the link it just took me to some random page with all programme info of each candidate.
no replay videos as far as I could see, only saw some interview vids with Stephanie Proot in flemish (?) so I understood nothing.

Actually scratch that, just found some replay vids, although I can’t stream these for shit.


more vidz from qec13 on that chan if you look through recently uploaded vidz.

rezpec, will check it.

That Park dude’s Kreisleriana seemed pretty awesome, heard the final half in the car yesterday.

And I don’t understand how the 2 Belgian contestants got in the semi final, but ok.

First time I’ve got so much work I can’t even follow this decently, but the contestants don’t all seem too interesting tbh. I’ll check the highlights when everything’s over and probably follow the finals on TV as much as I can.

I assume the clit comp in a few weeks gonna be more interesting, but till then i’ll watch qec

I wouldn’t hold your breath man, da cliburn is usually as boring as batshit.

hehe maybe, we’ll see…lookin forward to hearing coupla pianists in there though, such as fei-fei dong :dong:

I just listened to Zhang Zuo’s semifinal recital…and gotta say I’m quite impressed. I’ve very rarely heard the Ondine as musical and clear in articulation.

The 12 Etudes Symphoniques op13 by Schumann were also played very well, especially the last one she seemed to perform with such joy.


I’d be surprised if she doesn’t make it to the finals…let’s wait for her Mozart PC24 tomorrow

haha rezpec da Hotslut username.