da SDC screameth: da GRATIEZTEZT mofo EVAH of da HOL TYM tru


  • Cziffra
  • Grosvenor
  • Hofmann
  • Horowitz
  • Pogorelich
  • Richter
  • Sokolov
  • Volodos
  • Wang

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And now on to the poll I wanted to make. During the past week we’ve solemnly agreed that da gratiezt pinenizt of the respective eras are:

78: Rachmaninoff
LP: Richter
CD: Pogorelich & Volodos
FLAC: Wang

Above, then, are the 5 winners to compete in an epic battle for the ages, plus 5 further names I have selected in plain dictatorial fashion from the silver medalists to compete with them.

So, HU???


The soundtrack for this battle needs to be this from Stan Bush:


I was thinking something more like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXFSK0ogeg4

ahahahahahah to anzah diz queztion

da zepp juz try to envizage a one-on-one DUEL zcenario in all combinationz n i dun c how da fuckin ZIFF cud loze to any mofo on diz lizt tru 8)

I’m randomly proud of you mofos. The only deviation from da tru answah in the earlier polls was that your vision became a little blurry as you reached the CD era and read Sokolov’s name backwards. But it happens easily, an obvious typo.

I can’t pick between Hofmann and Richter. If forced I’d probably have to pick Richter due to the sheer amount of material available. Interestingly, I can do without a lot more pianists on this list than the 78s poll. I guess, my roots are showing, even though I’m hardly a member of the Dead Pianists’ Society.

daiiiiiim diz tube illuminati level cg 8)

We need a vol icon

Ahaha tru. Ezpezially PRIME ERA ZIFF on da rampage.



Not until he returns to SDC-approved rep. :rectum:

Allright so this is a wtf moment. Where is this from???

Wish I knew. Appears to be a live rec from 1957. That channel has a lot of rare ziff stuff (in addition to the owner being a pretty damn good penizt).

I’ll have to sound the jungle drum for this one. If a 1957 recital has turned up with GC that’s extraordinary news.

To me this guy is a genius, so I’m interested in everything he has to say.
But, I’d rather hear more Rach/Ravel/Scriabin than a 45 min Schub zon or da brahms of late.
He’s damn fine in Liszt too, but I’m not a huge fan of his music :ducks:

That’s 3000 pushups Bo :wink:

Sounds like one of his studio recs (several alt takes were published) with spliced in applause at the end

I wondered about this, but I think there are small improvised differences from the official studio rec. I didn’t know about the alt takes though…

That would really be terrible… But hardly surprising.