Da SHRIMP caught soliciting hookers 🚜 👩 :lola: 🦐

Hmmmm Da PR team getting more creative - no such thing as bad publicity and it gets the Yundi name in the press right on the eve of the Chopcomp announcement

I predict: epic return wiz a sold-out Car Niggah rectal by 2022

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A woman aged 29 was also arrested in relation to the same incident.

I see da :hui: doing well in China…


(Thank god that Jesus died for our sins, I sure need to repent asap holy fuck)

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Solicitation of Prostitution in China does not constitute a felony. According to China’s Public Security Administration Punishments Law, those who sell or solicit sex may face up to 15 days’ detention and a fine of up to 5,000 yuan ($750). However, the social consequences could be grave, since celebrities generally lose all their existing and future contracts and engagements after such a scandal occurs.
Prior to this incident, Li was a celebrity in China, with over 20 million fans on his Weibo account.


Pozz sum kind of attack because he pissed off sum local government mofo by not playing a private rectal n getting drunk instead?

Just a though.

Da shrimp won both the Pimp Comp and Chop Comp… that’s a historic achievement

Juz collectin hiz PIMPcomp winningz :sunglasses:


Hu was he caught banging?

  • Da Hui
  • Da Tractah Milf
  • Da Dongah Teachah
  • Da Yuja

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damn… does this mean I gotta like Yundi now?

Dun those mofos know permitting whoring prevents incidents of : https://youtu.be/NWtiZfg9hRA


Also almost certain this mofo just texted something unflattering about a party official and has never seen a whore in his life.


Visiting prostitutes is more gensui den dating a good-for-nothing thot who will just make you waste your life AND brain power on her

Nah… just blow your load and send ¥600 with WeChat pay for the “massage”… all in under 15 mins.

It just a massage for your dick. I’m not sure why it is illegal.

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Hmmmm, probably…. Den dey caught him hooking up with a hot 29-year old and accused her of being a hookah because he sent her money to buy earrings aftah?


Hmmmmm…. Well yeah

A bit of a “fishy” story anyway.

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I’m sure Norman will cum up with the details soon :sunglasses:

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The bottom-feeder is all over it, taking a pause from wanking over Lola or Khatia

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I can azzure you da :hui: haz no future in proztitution :sunglasses:



Haha failed? More like channeling DASDC spirit!

@festinfurious @da_zepp

0:25 ok, I hear sum Zepp style rhythmic slams and a distinct improvement ov Da :nigga: original



Another gensui unleash. That’s not a “fail”… that’s gensui.

And Da audience enjoyed it too… no need for hookers that night :sunglasses:

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diz mean bettah ztory n charactah development fo da SHRIMP biopic REZPEC :sunglasses:

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Yuja already signed the contract to play Da hookah

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Da Poon :sunglasses:

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