da TM unleazh a Bach-Zcholar tribute (predicktably)


da clazzic Bach Prelude n Fugue official vid finally cummah!!


randomly, I iz fuckin happy wiz diz rec. :blush:

I like the Fugue very much - and no Fakerudy this time! :wink:
Howeva in my very humble opinyon da Prelude is played way too fast…(great clarity though) Haha I sound like da Bach-collar here.

Btw have you seen this…WTF, 5 years old, smiling to da camera and meanwhile playing this Bach?

Hahaha she will be playing the complete Liszt TEz in a few years!

I can hear the uber competitive asian parents beating their kids to this video faintly from my window…

Better that than a rich spoiled chick like my ex who sleeps all day and can’t learn how to give a good bj after 3 years of practice

ahahahah i wud zuggezt

da 88pear mofo m*zical taztez

very zimilah to da BACH ZCHOLAH indeed 8)

ahahahaha mannnnnnnn

diz TRUMOFO UNLEAZH bazically out-G da G mofo!!! :gman:

whereaz da G himzelf vil need 20 takez, multiple editz


ztrategic hummin to diztract from da mini fuckupz :sunglasses:


tru diz mini-mofoe iz a MALOFEEV-level prodigy

howevah, zhe vil need to relearn all da fingahrinz to diz zong when her handz grow to twice da current size :sunglasses:

88opera randomly has a valid point.
I will zlow da prelude down fo my pimpcomp round 1 unleash ov diz.


Ummm…based on what?
Only because I find da TM tempo too fast here?

Baroque mu*ic is all about freedom, there are no fixed rules for one absolute tempo so there IS no one right tempo as da BachScholar suggests.
I just feel that in zis case, the niceties in rhythm and harmony come out better when the piece is taken at a more moderate pace. :wink:

ahahahah i c yo point, but at da priztine clarity of diz TRUMOFO interp, all da detailz r dere intact dezpite da inzane zpeed.

zo maybe u juz need to…

lizten FAZTAH? 8)

By all meanz, play it ze way you feel it at that moment! :wink:
But I think it’s great you’re always open to musical suggestions by mofos on this site…despite of da TM being already an accomplished virtuozo…

Imprezzive ardickulation and clarity in da prelude. An unleazh in Bach, fuck!

Tru tru, I iz always interested in mofoz opinions. Generally, the first impression is very similar for everyone… if the tempo seems too fast - then it is. If there is something which can be Krittycized n used as a basis fo elimination at dese corrupt comps

den it will be. Unless you took lessons with several of da cimp jury.

Frankly, what makes u mofos think dat da jury mofoz haff sum special insight?
I’d rather hear yo opinions den…

Take diz trumofoism wiz a grain of salt but

:tm: :tm: :tm: If I want to really please the jury, I might as well go to da local prizon wiz ponzi scheme fraudsters n rapists and ask THEIR opinion


Tbh I don’t think they have special insights, often indeed maybe the mofo performing in da comp knows the piece better than they do. Unfortunately the jury mofos have the power if not da knowledge. Often I think dese things are about not offending da jury…


I think da JURY bazically

react negatively to any zheeyat dey cant do demzelvez 8)

zo bazed on diz i wud agree with da 88pear mofo

zl*w it down to a zpeed at which EVERY JURY MOFO can imagine demzelvez playin it 8)

Fuck dat vil be da Bach zcholah zupah zlow zpeed den?

Hahaha pozz!

I don’t think TM should slow it down only because of some jury membahs. He should play it the way he believes is the right way…tempo choice in Bach is a very personal thing anyway.
Btw did some listening and there are more penists who play it very fast. Da :rectum: played da Prelude in more or less the same tempo.
Personally I still like it best a bit zlower from a mu*ical point of view. :wink: