Da TM vizitz da LISZT GRAVE in Bayreuth!


Mikhail that’s 4 by 5 pixels large


Ah, better!

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I also took a vid…

Wifi here is so slow, will have to wait fo a bettah hotspot tomorrow

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It makes me sad and a little angry that he’s buried there in Wagnerville instead of Weimar or Hungary (or even Paris, since he grew up here). But at least he has a nice mausoleum, unlike Bizet or Adolphe Adam for example.


Mommy needs to take a minor photography class pozz. Respect da TM

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Hahaha. Harzh :sunglasses:

What piece was playing in your head as you stood there?

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I wuz thinking of this great man…

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BRU haf u been to da KAN grave? :sunglasses:

I always have a piece of the composer’s music in my head when I approach their graves. It’s kind of my tribute to them.

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Actually no! I’m not even sure where he’s buried.
I visited: Chopin, Berlioz, Adam, Bizet, Saint-Saens, Debussy, Ravel, Fauré. I think those are all the composers, lots of other artist too.

Edit: Apparently, he’s in Montmartre. I didn’t realise. I’ll visit him before I leave.

Are these all at different graveyards, or is there a big, main church as it were?

Alkan appears to be at Montmartre

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man that’s super. Respect

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This is from like 4 different cemeteries around Paris and the suburbs. Tarkovsky is buried in one far away, which I haven’t made it to so far.

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Rezpec! Tru I looked up where he’s buried, hope he gets a few visitors here and there.

Montmartre looks pretty huge. Berlioz and Kalkbrenner are there as well. Also Ampere, Dumas, Zola, and lots of smaller celebrities.

Damn I didn’t know that. cheers

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