dizcuzz diz tortuouzly legendary interp :sunglasses:

:boy: :new_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :crescent_moon: :older_man:


FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK da Zepp beat da comme to diz, I juz zeen diz on da tube n wuz about to make a topiq

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Fuck I wuz too WIM, I mean zlow, to pozt dis piece of uttah CG befoah da zepp!


Da tru moonrape :sunglasses:

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Note dat in da descripsheeyat he iz promising / threatening to rec all da brotha solo 88 music in authentic tempo lmfao


One question - If your Beethoven project is 22 cds - and is the same amount of Music other pianists have taken half that amount of discs to record with - will the price be comparable to the other sets or will you take financial advantage of these extremely slow tempi to make more money from people by spreading the same amount of music over more albums? I question the morality of this.

TRUUUU da fuckin WIM a cunning CUNT makin mo :money_with_wings::moneybag: by zpreadin hiz zheeyat ova fuckloadz ov dizcz

diz QUEZTIONABLE morality vil be

Queztioned :sunglasses:

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If anyone is stupid enough to buy 22 CDz of hiz awful playing, they deserve to be ripped off.

Will da HAMMAHCLEAVAGE be a 2 CD sheeyat? :sunglasses:


Tru, cumpetin in da market wiz da ZEPP CUMPLETE Nigga workz on 2 cdz :sunglasses:

I rememba da ZEPP zayin da RAV wuz a wikid compoza becuz all hiz cumplete 88 workz can be played on 2 dizcz :icon_stopw_sdc_473: :sunglasses:

Diz zumwut flawed logic :sunglasses:

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Personally I think that if da Brotha arose from da grave and saw diz, he’d punch da Wim in da gonadz and pizz on his 88 (or howevah many keyz dis poor abuzed inztrument haff).

da zepp liztenin to diz while makin dinnah :sunglasses:

“The recording of all solo works”

“Starting at the end of 2019”…

and finishing at the end of 2035. That’s just the listening process :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably will manage to eat it and wash up befoah dis sheeyat finizhez :smiley:

Dayuuum da WEE KANCERTO-KANZYMPH on one cd idea zuddenly look a bit zheeyat aftah diz

As a lawyah he zhud noe to charge by da hour :snail: :moneybag: :sunglasses:


ahahahaha mannnnn

he zhud juz rec dem on 78z

n make it da firzt full zet rec of any zheeyat in hiztory to fail da

bagage weight limit tezt :belgium: :airplane: :no_entry_sign: :sunglasses:


This novel alternative to da WIM is on da :pimp:soc fb:

The playing isn’t quite as amusing as the captioning :stuck_out_tongue:

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ahahahaha FUCK link diz :sunglasses:

You may need to be a group member?

In da cummentz he sumwut cuntroverzially claimz to be a Ziff pupil.


HAHAHA da WIM n diz zumwut cute chick, tryin to prove u can charm da ladiez even when u iz a fuckin znail :snail:


AHAHAHAH daiiiiiim da playin a bit dizappointin tru

n da choice of diz zong a bit ill advized fo any SD penizt


tiz da BAREN’z moz SD brotha zon final mvmt :snail: :icon_stopw_sdc_473: :sunglasses:

diz mean if yo playin iz a bit average it vil look lyk u haff ZHEEYATAH TECH den da BAREN via a direct cumparizon :sunglasses:

It wuz all downhill aftah I zpotted dat diz perf wuzn’t from an “Apocalypze Rectal” :sunglasses:

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TRU :sunglasses: