da zepp unleazh a PIMP clazzic

tru da zepp zwiftly capitalize on da recent PIMP frenzy in da rec zect

bazed on a tru ztory :chop: :


Hahaha da Pimp and da Dry-Shock would be both in awe and terror…

Chopin too, I think :dong:

DA ZEPP clearly influenced by dat story but also by da clazzic WOOD vid where he plays da 25/6 LH in octs.

Tru, in da Dryrape story, I think da PIMP unleashed only da RIGHT hand in octs as a challenge to da Dryrape.

Daim, basically da zepp unleashed a BRAHMZ et 8)

On a side note, whut wud da DRYRAPE do to zongs already in octs? Play dem in 10thz? 8)

Rezpek da coda 8) da zepp liberally lube Diz mofo up wiz artistic liscence - juz az any tranzcriptah zhud 8)

Is dere historical evidence dat chop could do a cold unleash ov da OCTZ POLO full volume? 8)

Man, I imagine dat Chopin wud shake his head at ANY interp, even da Friedrice 55-2 8)

Dis would be a wikid encore, tru :pimp:

Rezpek da random 4 on top ov da octs fo mo legato :orgy:

Haha, wasn’t it common practise for some older generation of Russian piano pedagogues to suggest to their pupils to play Bach Inventions and other stuff in octaves?
Zese Russians, aren’t zey da best Oc-tough playas because of zese practising techniques…

Haha, other mofos like da Goldenweiser school - preferred to limit octs work to juz playing da hardest truway excerpts from pieces dat have an octorgy sect.

Tru, half an hour of work on da 2 Liszt Sonata octave sects, Liszt Erlkonig and da Chopin 25-10, better den any abztract excercise 8)

God damn after that you wouldn’t be able to wank for a week.

Haha datz how da fleshlight got invented pozz

But tru, dere is a ton of 88 rep to accommodate any specific TECH request.

Da zepp clearly on an OCT RAMPAGE:


Do da zepp neighbors force yo azz to prax mostly on da DIGI?

hahahaha amazing!

ahahahahah truuuu da zepp uzually prax at nite on da digi wiz headphonez on

zo da neighbahz only hear

intenze n prolonged rhythmic thruztin againzt a zolid zurface

bazically not dat different to diz rec 8)


I remember at my old apartment, mah neighbor was dating Diz semi hot Asian chick. I heard dem get da fuck on, and even - him playing a random Chopin mazurka on da TROMBONE. (Don’t ask). Apparently he also had a large archive of original TURECK tapes, he was a relative or sum shit.

At any rate, he kicked da GF out one day and she wuz crying on his doorstep for like 2 hours.
Lost opportunity 8)

Ah… my old apartment. When I could get up at 8 and unleash da Pimp 1 caddy and nobody ever said Sheeyat.

I never mentioned his GF’s loud nightly orgasms and he let me have 8 hour home rec sessions wiz no questions asked.

This must have been c 2010.
I’d stay up late night and listen to Hofmann anyway. Good times!


truuuuuu while zhe wuz cryin in da hall way

u cud haff zeduced her azz wiz a zoulful interp of

da CHOP 10/3

othawize known az da ‘breakup etude’, to azn chickz tru 8)

den to zeal da deal, juz unleazh

da zpring waltz 8)

Hahaha if I recall correctly

Da TRUMOFO senior opened da door n asked if she “needs help”.
Zhe swiftly left, tru 8)

“Semi hot” TM standards translates to mildly sub-human for a normal mofo.

Hey hey there!
Man, I remember she had 2 eyes, 2 hands, and wuz generically Asian.

Whut more could da :tm: possibly want? 8)

Subhuman? damn more like

Sub-hunan 8)