n otha zuch ‘clazzicz’

da zepp a lyf long TRU FAN of da clazzic 88 rep

but i wud rathah lizten to da HAVANA 20 tymz in a row den zit thru da entire D960 :sunglasses:

objectively zpeakin diz zon haff maybe 3 minz total of liztenable material

all from da mvmt2

mildly dizcuzz :sunglasses:

I love the work, but it’s a swansong - I don’t want to hear it at a RECITAL, and I simply cannot listen to it on command. The thought of being forced to sit it through, and especially if poorly played, is enough for me to pass on a concert where it’s programmed.

I really only need to hear Richter play it. I’ve heard it in recital 4 times in the past 6 months, and only Schiff made it sound interesting. The worst is when people programme the last three sonatas in one recital. Ugh.

Agreed. As long as Richter’s playing, I’m always up for listening to D960. I can’t think of too many other pianists that have impressed me in the work though.

I’ve heard my ex practice this for 2 years (wizout memorizing it).

I do not want to hear it ever again.

Jesus. I memorized it almost immediately. It’s all repeats.

I guess it helps that I’d listened to it a million times before learning it, but still…

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Amen. That was messed up

BUT da D. 958 finale u wud agree iz wikid pozz

N if da Zepp agree to duo in da zherb F minah duo ve can do diz gensui az encore :sunglasses:

Da D960 is a difficult work IMO. Sometimes I just love it, but at other times I am unable to even listen to it - and this i regardless of who is playing. True, a bit strange.

Tru da ghost dance. All the last three are wikid but they can’t be programmed together. D.960 worked well with Op111 the other night, however as a second half to first half of Brahms op.76 when Volodos played it, twuz really too much.

In da WIKI article they’re referred to as a ‘trilogy’ so there is a connection but very few composers withstand a single composer recital. Although come to think of it pop artists do just fine playing exclusively their own music in concert and fans lap it up.

Maybe recital-goes are spoiled by sheer variety?

I don’t agree with the idea of them being a trilogy just because they were composed at the same time. Performers do things like not play the exposition repeat from D.960 in order to make it fit this “trilogy” programme idea. I hate that.

Pop musicans are playing 3 minute sheeyats. It can take 11 minutes just to get to the development of D.960.

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I’m referring also to bands like Dream Theater etc. who’s fans seem content with them only playing DT songs.

’ The three sonatas are cyclically interconnected by diverse structural, harmonic and melodic elements tying together all movements in each sonata,[7] as well as all three sonatas together;[8] consequently, they are often regarded as a trilogy.

I’d have to look through the sources, but a priori I don’t agree. AFAIK there’s no mention from Schubert of these being a trilogy.

Speaking of trilogies -

Would this be a satisfying prog?

I guess the difference is that you go to a DT concert excepting to hear DT songs.

If played by Schiff, yes. If played by Katsaris, no.