da zkep v da KATSARIS


TIZ IN FACT TRU :rectum:

u iz da “fftransform” or “ronde_des_sylphes”

Didn’t zkep say he did math? If so he’s the fftransform (of which I’ve had my share too…).

trans what? 8)

Haha I LOL’d.
Rezpec! 8)

After seeing this pic def believe it.

Isn’t he a homo though? He is a top pianist so that’s essentially proof of gayness.

I’m not a fan of his playing.

I went back and listned to his beethoven-liszt after the last topic and tru they were wikis, noth pianistically and musically.

He is among my 5 top favourite living pianists, and I like him from all interviews I’ve seen as a man.

If he has done these misdeeds - that is of course wrong and terrible - but it would take a lot more than that to make me dislike the man.

I find it easier to forgive flaws and misdeeds than some - but it’s entirely subjective and depends how far someone goes.

The important thing is what they learn from it, and if their behaviour escalates.

I think if this is a one-off then he may likely deeply regret it.

Having said that…if he committed a criminal offense - he would deserve criminal punishment.

I just think this sounds like a relatively minor thing.

Rezpek da comme!

I feel just the same as da Comme. Katsaris is one of my all time favorite musicians as well. Not as he plays these days admittedly, but every time you put on one of his recordings or recitals from the 80s and 90s the world just seems to smile a little more during the rest of your day. He’s one of the most lucid souls I’ve encountered, and it doesn’t sound in line with his character to assault anyone, but at the same time I really don’t know. Sex drive is a curious thing, and some men who are perfectly fine otherwise just can’t seem to control themselves with women. And I also know from personal experience - as do most of you I’d reckon - that there are just as many men who have misinformed views about women as there are women who have misinformed views about men.

That said, from this alone, I’m old enough not to treat it as anything more than a rumor. I’ve heard a lot of things about a lot of people from guys on the internet who has this friend who says something, and very little of it tends to be true. It would have been a different thing had the victim herself stepped forward, and especially if together with these three witnesses.

I didn’t read the pianostreet topic, because I refuse to visit that site.
What is he being accused of? Is this some #balancetonporc sheeyat?

Assaulting a woman in an orchestra and grabbing her breasts as I recall.

I know for a fact that Helfgott does that all the time, but I suppose he gets a pass because he’s retarded.
There was a member here who studied with Michel Block and had some stories about the sort of harassment young pianists got from him and Bolet (said he eventually transferred to Ogdon to get away from it).

Yeah, that just doesn’t seem plausible.
Alabama Symphony?

Why the fuck would someone just grab a random chick’s tits.
Was it an ex?

There is more to this story.

Maybe on-stage performance in front of a hysterical audience creates an overshoot of Testosteron, which needs to go somewhere after a concert.

Just Check for example:
youtube.com/watch?v=Tf_QhYe_waA (at 34’ 17’’)
youtube.com/watch?v=mdO3fw3iaWc (at 56’04’’)

Is that where sexual assault starts?
Oh gosh, then I have to turn myself in …


I’m beginning to see a pattern. :doc:
So a lady who plays well is awarded with a handshake and a cheek kiss. A lady who plays more than well is awarded with a handshake, a cheek kiss and a hug. Now. Imagine a lady who plays even better.

A Frenchman kissing!!? Quel horreur! :dong:

Incidentally, for the French a hug is way more sexual than the bise.
different cultures etc.