Da ZLIT start on a recordings marathon

And Daim, sum Russian mofos dissing the shit outta her on da forums etc.

Yeah. I guess that’s the kind of reception I’ll get if I move back to Russia to escape the forced medical procedures and incoming GULAGS.

I c

ahaha da BERET did dis years ago… Cumplete :nigga: , cumplete :rocky: , cumplete :chop: , cumplete Brahms… Plus loads of other core and modern rep. Girlz a beast.


‘girl’ iz a relatyf term - biatch is 80+ :sunglasses:


She’s a very good pianist but I don’t like her.

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It’s cool.

Funny how mofos can always find something to criticize, and with venom.

Play a small rep exquisitely: “ah, who wants to hear the same pieces over and over, plus it’s not great”

Massive rep “no no, this is not quality plus who cares if this is a beastly achievement

Maybe those mofos need their cock sucked, but even then, they’d be like “naaaah slow down and too much teeth.”

I think the massive rep is inspiring plus the playing is not nearly as meh as :doc: or :lezbo:

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Yeah, she’s great. I love her Liszt album. I just think she’s a cunt.


Yeah that Liszt album was VERY beautifully recorded. I know she posted some inflammatory sheeyat on twatter :tm:

doesn’t lisitsa live in florida? she probably least insane person in her neighborhood so deserve a pass here and there.

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LOLA lives in Florida.

Lisitsa lived in North Carolina for a while, not sure where she is at now.

Florida is surprisingly chill and reasonable, for “insane” you need to look at NYC, where you get more freedoms if you are a criminal :dong:

Overpriced fuckhole.

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I wish she replaced the complete :nigga: sons idea with something a bit more interesting…

Imagine this chick in sum crazy GODO trannies and late Scrib Sons?

Hopefully da all-Scrib album contains sum late gensui, we’ll see in a few days

How much of the complete Beethoven Sons set is already finished and recorded?

She got a ton of Beethoven Sonatas already up on her channel, recorded in a Moscow studio… looks lit as FUCK!


Haha “describe da project and you’ll get a quote” @festinfurious

Datz deir way of saying that services are dumb expensive

The first 20 are already on Apple Music.

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Daim! That was quick :stopwatch:

The first Scrib album will be released on Friday and contains a selection of his Preludes (including the Prelude & Nocturne for the Left Hand), the Polonaise in B-flat minor, Poemes: op. 34,36,41, and 2 Dances, Op. 73.


Ah ok. Interesting enough but sadly - no late ZON.

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yeah, da biatch could’ve at least thrown in da Vers La Flamme shiatsu.

The 2 pieces op 73 will be cool. The late stuff is all in a class of its own imho.

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Off topic, but what do think of the Lettberg’s recordings of all of da Scrib’s solo piano works?

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I have not heard enough of them to judge… the stuff that I did hear, like the elusive 8th sonata, was pretty good!

Even the 10 Sonatas alone are a massive undertaking