TRU diz a random topic to dizcuzz da zeppz fav penizt circa 2000-2005

i vil ztart by zayin

da original 39/6 VID

ztill one of da bezt 88 vidz of all tym

here u vil c da PRIME ZLIT gensui ztylee of priztine tech + INTENTIONAL RAPE combined in an unmatched interp:


but again, u iz all free to dizagree wiz da zeppz zumwut zheeyat m*zical tazte :sunglasses:


She won me right back with the left hand spazzes beginning at 1.15 :slight_smile:


Diz wuz da first vid I saw of diz chick

Randomly she wuz hot!

1:16 holy shit

:rocky: daim, I did not even envision da genzui at diz speed!
Diz like da tym I heard da Ho sub 35 min Rach 3!

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ahahahaha mannnnnnn diz perf!!!


da ROCK himzelf had no fuckin clue diz zong cud zound DIZ wikid, i iz zhor :sunglasses:

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When I first saw this vid and her insane choice of presenting to the world in the liszt Glinka techmarch below song played in my young hormone ridden brain.

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I remember dat too fuckkkk

Lugansky for me in this one, but as everyone here already knows I love her playing - if only for a brief time of her career alas. Next to de Larrocha she’s perhaps the most evocative pianist known to me, at both concerts I’ve attended with her scenes and moods were so palpable you could almost see what she envisioned in front of you.

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For me, it’s Rachmaninoff himself and no one else is even close.

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I most often listen to SD interps but if you want alternative approaches - slower with more colour - Giltburg is good at that kind of thing.

Same, around 2003 or so. Very woah WTF moment.

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AHAHAHAH DAYUM diz actually not zl*w at all

zmooth cg zound in every zect


aftah u hear da legendary INZTANT RAPE at 1’50 in da ZLIT VID, u realize diz zong juz incumplete wizout dat one definin moment :lib:


DA ROCK OWN 1925 unleash, da electrical rec not dat slow, clean roll realization already on da tube…

AIIIIIITE diz stylee!!!

:rocky: :rocky:


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A challengah to da ZLIT iz da TRUCLIT

Diz biatch wikid in partz!



da ROCK ztrict robodick ztylee harzhly tranzlate to a borin 5/10 interp :sunglasses:

da only otha interp dat arguably reach ZLIT level, iz predicktably:

alzo da PERAHAHAH haff a 3min :zcholah: level vid dat iz worth watchin, if u iz in a ztate of cumtemplative zedation. i vil randomly not link :sunglasses:

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Haha da ROCK modern style in 1925 pozz az shocking to audiences back den as

Da LANG LANG anti UZ chinese zong parasheeyat unleashed in da white house.

Basically, a profitable zheeyat! :sunglasses:

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Also, da HJ Lim interp of da Lil red riding hood

An x-rated programadick zheeyat

@da_zepp sue diz biatch fo ripping off yo cold unleash 10-1 attire n stylee

AHAHAHAHAH tru da DONGAH at leazt partially rezponzible fo da current trade war :sunglasses:


ahahahah DAYUM da zepp dun want a famiily feud tho :sunglasses:

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Hahaha daiiiim