Dimitris Sgouros

What happened to this guy? His website seems to be stuck in 1995


tru da webzite entry photo need to be updated harzhly :sunglasses:

ahahahah diz mofo/FORMAH LEGEND haff

an inzanely unique/weird zubtle rhythmic accent ztylee in FURY zectz

az a kid, it zound lyk a GENSUI MOFO trademark

but now in current

wazhed up form

tiz juz zound lyk a random brain injury zide-effect :sunglasses:

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hahhaah da new look + brain injury

clearly a WAR VETERAN :sunglasses:

ahahahah fuckkkkk diz mofo unique in dat

he iz da only mofo to reach TECH PEAK at 12 yrz old, wiz da clazzic chop conc perf :sunglasses:

if he ztart zeriouz prax again, tiz pozz he could zl*wly improve to match or even exceed hiz 12 yr old zelf in about 20 yrz :sunglasses:

thuz breakin anotha record fo TECH PEAK reached at 60 yrz old or zum zheeyat :sunglasses:

This is a lot better than I was expecting. But holy shit, homey needs to wear a hat or something.

Sgouros tween years pretty legendary. Somebody posted a live rach three with the most insane big dick chordal playing ever in first mov cadenza.

He played Rach 2 in Zagreb some 13 years ago. It was ok but boring…

In all honesty I never think he was particularly good. Lots of talent, but no real musical mind guiding it to do something useful.

I used to have a friend who had his lessons (at the RAM?) right after Sgouros. He said it was very embarrassing! He also said other things…

Elaborate :sunglasses:

It was ages ago, but I remember he said Sgouros never wore socks, and apparently wasn’t a fan of wearing clothes at all when he could get away with it. Other similar things, he was apparently a bit weird.

True, this must have been at the RAM. My friend was British, and I see Sgouros did study there.

Wonders of the digital age - I actually just found the Sgouros conversation (from 2001!). I haven’t figured this out yet, is what I post here restricted in some way or open to everyone? Will google pick it up?

Edit: nevermind actually. The gist of it is that he was very odd, and had remarkable musical gifts - which I suppose everyone already knows anyway.

Randomly da Sgouros still hot.
I firmly believe dat men get mo attractive as dey age, dem chix dig dat balding as fuck look.

It means you got high T levels.
Dey can judge yo fingah speed based on yo tube vids, den check out yo bald scalp - and rest assured dat you will step up to da plate (oh fuck, not DAT plate) n satisfy dem every taime.


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Hell, I’m pasting in the Sgouros conversation anyway since it has some amazing claims. Please forgive the overexcited little teenage xsdc. :wink:

ICQ chat
-----      2001-09- 20:59 I've decided that I'm going to buy the Shelley
                               series. He's not consistently wonderful but I
                               think he's worth paying for.

Christian  2001-09- 21:00 Cool!

Christian  2001-09- 21:00 Well, it's not that many vols left, is there. The
                               Sonatas, the other Prelude volume, and early
                               pieces................that's it, isn't it?

-----      2001-09- 21:00 Did you know that Rachmaninov wrote the whole
                               op.32 set in 19 days and that he wrote three of
                               them on the same day???

-----      2001-09- 21:01 Yes, there's a 2-piano one as well.

Christian  2001-09- 21:04 Wow!!
                               No I didn't! People say Volodos learnt the Rach-3
                               in 3 days. Some critic said he probably learnt
                               the 3rd concerto in 3 days, the 2nd in 2 days,
                               the 1st in one day and rested on the 7th day. 
                               A religious critic for sure. :)

Christian  2001-09- 21:05 I have Demidenko's and Alexeiev's 2 piano CD,
                               coupled with two works by Medtner. I can send it
                               if you want to. It's fabulous playing.

-----      2001-09- 21:05 Dmitri Sgouros learnt Rachmaninov 3 in a weekend
                               and played it in concert with Rostropovich the
                               next night!

-----      2001-09- 21:06 Yes please. I'd like that.

-----      2001-09- 21:07 I once saw Sgouros sight-reading the

Christian  2001-09- 21:08 They are responsible for the by far best Second
                               Suite I've ever heard. The entire CD is
                               absolutely amazing really.
                               Who is he??? I haven't even heard of him!

-----      2001-09- 21:09 He was a Greek child prodigy. We had the same
                               teacher at the Academy. Unfortunately for me, I
                               had my lesson straight after his. Very

Christian  2001-09- 21:09 !!!!!!!!

Christian  2001-09- 21:09 So you met him several times then?

-----      2001-09- 21:11 I never knew him. he used to have his lesson and
                               leave. I remember as he was reading the
                               Transcendentals, my teacher was giving him
                               corrections - he just carried on playing and then
                               repeated them with all the corrections. It was
                               incredible. Not a single wrong note either (even
                               1st time around).

Christian  2001-09- 21:11 That's really amazingly amazing!!!
                               Did he record anything?

-----      2001-09- 21:12 Yes, Rachmaninov 3, Brahms 1st, Paganini Etudes
                               and maybe some other things.

Christian  2001-09- 21:12 Have you heard any of these?

-----      2001-09- 21:13 No but I did see him in concert. He's actually a
                               crap pianist :-)

Christian  2001-09- 21:13 :)
                               Only good as a child?

-----      2001-09- 21:14 he just had an amazing facility - a freak gift. I
                               don't think he was much of a musician and I
                               remember he made a horrible sound.

Christian  2001-09- 21:14 Ok.

Christian  2001-09- 21:15 Have you heard Kullak's concerto?

-----      2001-09- 21:15 He was a bit odd too. He never wore socks and
                               apparently didn't like wearing clothes at all.
                               Fortunately he wore them at the Academy though.

Christian  2001-09- 21:15 :))

-----      2001-09- 21:16 Never - I'd like to.

Funny the Demidenko/Alexeev should turn up here as well incidentally. Tru, a fan already then.

That sums up my Sgouros experience pretty well. :smiling_imp:

Yes, mine too. I have listened a little bit at least to Sgouros since this conversation, and I think my friend was spot on. A freak, as it were, but a rather inconsequential one.

Rubinstein said he was the best pianist he’d ever heard, including himself. Da ruby’s ears a bit fucked up in old age, tru. And tru ICQ! That brings me back.

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Well, he said similar things about Fialkowska, Tomsic. And this was also while Sgouros was still a child. For his age he must truly have been impressive.