Discussion: greatest performances on record

My list:

Barere: Liszt Gnomenreigen (all his recs are insanely good), Leggiereza, Blumemfeld Left Hand etude, Don Juan (30’s), Liszt Concerto (Carnegie 1946)

Gilels: Liszt Figaro Fantasy

Horowitz: Debussy Serenade for a Doll 1933, Rach 3 Barbirolli 1941, Liszt Sonata 1932, Bach-Busoni Tocatta Adagio and Fugue 1950, Rach Sonata 2 1968, Chopin Scherzo 4

Lipatti: Chopin Sonata 3

Hofmann: Chopin Andante Spianato live 1937

Godowsky: Grieg Ballade, Chopin Scherzo 4

Friedman: Chopin Op 55-2

Tiegerman: Chopin Sonata 3

Eisenberger: Chopin Concerto 2

Rosenthal: Chopin 9-2, Concerto 1

Richter: Mussorgsky pics 1958 Sofia

I’m better at discussing the greatest performances off record 8)

So bazically your favourite performances of pieces you like? :comme:

Good list.
Few comments:

That Gilels is one of the most stunning recordings I’ve ever heard.
In terms of pure virtuosity is might be unmatched.

For Horowitz the recordings I always come back to are the Paganini etudes, liebesbotschaft, Chopin 10-8, Liszt sonata from the 30s. Also the op 72 nocturne he played at his Silver Jubilee concert, which is probably my favourite nocturne recording.
The 68 Rachmaninoff Sonata 2 is the one where he breaks a string right? I love that performance too.

For Lipatti everything he played at his last recital.
I think this is my favourite live performance. Everything is amazing but if I had to pick out a few items, the third movement of the Mozart A minor sonata, the A flat waltz op 42 and the Schubert Gflat impromptu.

For Hofmann my favourites are the chopin nocturne op 9/3, Military Polonaise, debussy clair de lune, Liszt Erlkonig and Rubinstein concerti (both 3rd and 4th).

For Friedman, as heretical as it may sound, that nocturne isn’t one of my favourites. As a matter of fact, it isn’t even amongst my favourite nocturne performances (Hofmann and Horowitz mentioned above, and Freire’s op 27/1 which I saw him do live). My favourite Friedman recs are the two recordings of the A flat ballade, the way he plays the ascending scales towards the end is incredible, and I’ve never heard anyone else play them like that. I also really love his op 67/3 mazurka. It’s a really idiosyncratic performance with an extremely accented rhythm but I think it’s my favourite mazurka recording.

For Richter it’s probably too hard to pick a favourite. One which I don’t think anyone can touch is his Wilde Jagd. Never heard anything like it.

It’s interesting you choose Horowitz and Godowsky for the E major scherzo. My favourite is Earl Wild. No one does it for me like him, especially in the middle section…
I’ll have a think and post more later.

Also the Friedman Ab major Chopin Polonaise is a great one. Sloppy? Sure, but it is sloppy because he is going for that overdotted rhythm and playing in an epic manner at all costs.
Massive respect.

I don’t think I’ve found a definitive version of the Ab Polonaise, even though it was the piece that made me fall in love with the piano.

I forgot to mention - Rach playing Rach 1. Tru!

Yeah that’s a very special recording, especially the way he plays the cadenza.

I actually did a few years ago, and you’ll never believe who it is (I still don’t): youtube.com/watch?v=YauJYQFncBk

Really ballsy performance!
I wouldn’t have expected it from him.
I wanted to see that season but I had an exam the next day.

Richter night moths from the murky recs
Da ho 1980 second sonata ending / scrab 5th sonata
Ignaz friedman ventian boat soag I just can’t hear this piece without the big

thump into the melody sorta like moiseiwitsch hesitation in the 16th prelude

hofmann caprice espagnole

lhevinne thirds etude

sofronitsky flames sombres

muza rubackyte Scarlatti k162 if only because I heard it once then promptly lost the CD but still think about it randomly on bipolar days…

josef lhevinne playing frühlingsnacht, schumann toccata and blue danube transcription.

Myra Hess playing Field’s 4th nocturne:


Bolet’s live Tannhauser Overture from the Carnegie recital

That’s one of my favourites too.
I actually used to really like Mei-Ting Sun’s rec (now there’s a mofo I haven’t heard of since the 2010 Chopin comp).
I remember e60m5 saying how he liked that one even better than Bolet.
I wouldn’t go that far but I remember he did a piano subito that I thought was a nice touch.

Friedman’s tannhauser is #1

The piano roll recording?

I was puzzled by this as well, did you mean Moiseiwitsch?

He’s talking about the roll.

Lhevinne 3rds etude
Ho Schumann Toccata
Zim Totentanz
Lupu Schubert d845
Pires Nocturnes
Bolet Tannhauser & Widmung
Thyssen-Valentin anything Faure
Katchen Brahms Hungarian Dances (The first rec I heard of him and it and got me onto the whole set)
Rach/Kreisler Grieg cmin sonata