diz queztion

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that’s quite an interesting question. my vote will be mendelssohn etude no.3. a great 1 min piece and ppl watching you will be WOW.

Whenever I bust out the “Ocean” Etude, people seem to be :open_mouth: for the whole etude, even though its the same fundamental pattern throughout. It’s just one of those feats that you wouldn’t expect on the keyboard: Climbing up and down 3 octaves in less than one and a half seconds

Not to mention (I have found) it has popular appeal and stretched/beautiful phrases. It is almost too similar to the beginning of Rachmaninoff Op 23 no 7, which was my favorite piece for the longest time wen I was young.

I like to use Scriabin’s prelude op11 no 14. Your hands look like spiders on crack, not to mention you use almost the whole piano in 50 ± secs.

^^ tru: mediafire.com/?jxoigjuyppd

Man koji, how’d you get that so clean? Mine always sounds like a mess.

Practiced it a lot; unfortunately that performance was on a Steinway O (rebuilt); it was nice, but only a 6 footer. You really need a D or similar to really build the sound in the bass.
Good anger management piece. :ho:

Yeah, that and the beginning (and end) of chopET 25 10

tiz juzta randomly CG anzwr considering tha identitiy of topic starter :comme: :comme: :comme:

oh n 10/2 :rudy:

10/2 doesn’t sound or look as hard as it really is. I wouldn’t play that unless it was for someone who knows how hard it is.

10/1 is easier and much more impressive.

Oh, and there’s also Chopin’s prelude #16

I remember da zepp telling a story of playing 10/2 for some mofoz and dey said “dat mofo from shine played it much faster”, they’d confused it with da rach bumblebee trans, which is of course infinitely easier. So don’t play 10/2 unless you wanna impress a pianist. :dong:

The ignorance of some people. I took one of my friends to my piano lesson once. He said I needed more emotion in my playing, base on hearing me sightread through Un sospiro.

damn…da whole point using da rudy emo wuz to emphasize the 60 second limit

Randomly, the examples used in that article sucked. Using mozart to show of your expression?

Ones that come to mind quickly:

Any Goldberg: i.e., no. 5, 26
Chopin: G major (no. 3), no 12, B flat minor prelude no. 16
Rach: A minor prelude (32/8 )

I agree that 10/2 only truly impresses other pianists.

Haha 10/2 is hardest shit around straight up.
I learned Liszt T.E. 5 recently (can play it at Liszt’s original Allegretto tempo fairly respectably-not crazy fast yet like Lugansky, Kissin, etc) but SEEERIOUSLY 10/2 is fucking harder.

I’ll make a recording soon-maybe u guys can help me.
10/1 is still a fairly difficult chopin etude but 10/2 is incomparibly more difficult, imo.

My question: can any badass mofos here play the Godowsky LH 10/2?
Lol respect to anyone who can hit that up.

Maybe I’ll try soon so you guys can all have a good laugh!

haha moi n da zepp play da 10/2 n da inverted 10/2