Encore pieces!

Post your favourite encore pieces, preferably something a bit lesser played that would work really well as an encore. Something short - nothing profound - but something colourful and instantly appealing.

Some quick examples, of varying levels of notoriety -

Ziff Bee, of course!

Great choices!

Hough’s Encore albums alongside Hamelin’s Kaleidoskop etc are treasure troves of this kind of repertoire.


Yes, they are!

Also, I think if you have a younger audience, then it’s a good time for these sort of pieces as encores (after all, paraphrasing such popular contemporary material is more or less what Liszt et al did):

and a gratuitous piece of self-referencing, but it was genuinely an encore :smiling_imp:


HAHAHAHA TRU deze all clazzikz

Da BOB obviouzly undahztand da tru importance of da encore

In da zepp opinion, da modern 88 rectal zhud juz be 30minz prog + 30minz of encorez :sunglasses:

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Haha how about diz:

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No? I see…

I know a mofo who trolled his graduation rectal n unleashed da fuckin pimpson fo encore

I think von Bulow once did da appazzionata as an encore!

Well, da Anton Rubinstein generally unleashed big dick encores like da Chopzon 2

Yuuuge :trump: :trump:

I’d love to see the finale section done as an encore :laughing: the score of course isn’t very good for learning from…

The notation of that is not very accurate, they notated even some of the “wrong” notes.

Apparently Cziffra himself supervised the edition of this, he must have been quite happy with all the extra notes to ensure they are totally unplayable

Genzui :zif:

Haha da gensui notation :sunglasses:

I think :zif: only supervised volume 1 of the Peters edition and vol 2 was done later without him and pozz with computer assistance? Da ziff willymofo is in vol 2, as is da blue balls danube, which is also pretty inaccurate… but more playable :laughing:

I’d love to see more of this (though I’m not sure why :wink:). It does happen even in our time - Schiff and Hamelin have encored other Beethoven sonatas in their entirety over the past decade for instance. Volodos, Kissin & Barenboim stand out too for giving like 14 encores at certain recitals, although just smaller pieces.

Tru da Ziff jr supervised the vol1. 2nd volume practically unusable unless you manage to take the time to just use it as an outline and decipher the notes.

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I should have added “as an encore to the last five sonatas” :joy:

Tru, if it hadn’t been for those wrong notes I could definitely have played this. :wink: