Favourite Chopin Work?

Chopin wrote SOO much great music, and I’m thinking that most of us have a favourite that we love above all the others. Pick 1 only.

For me it’s the Polonaise-Fantasy Op. 61.

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I agree, polonaise-fantasie. Played by Kapell, although there are a lot of other great versions out there.

Not sure if the opus number counts, but if it does.

Definitely Op.28.

It’s more than perfect. It’s everything.

da polo fant iz 1 ov ma leaz fav

juz dun do it fo moi except da openin

ma fav iz da 28/24 unlezz i iz allowd 2 pick da whole op lyk da krittah

I think that it works the best as a set. But I’m randomly sick of it at the moment.

u juz need a refrezhin interp


randomly da fuckin conc1 8)

n da polofant pozz da worz chop work evah, except fo dat one wikid phraze out of nowhere near da end :lib:

n tru da preliez n chopetz no doubt tymlezz clazzicz, n zhud ofcuz be interprtd az zuch :stop: 8)

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The Polonaise Fantasie is great…how can people hate it?

If I had to chose only one piece than it would probably be the 3rd Sonata. But it’s an impossible choice.

Hard to say, but probably op. 28. I sortof have a love/hate relationship with Chopin, but I’d listen to his preludes anyday.

3rd zhitzo iz mah fav :gav:

im liztenin to WEIZZ playin chop2 itz gud :orgy:

Favorite Chopin work? Any of them.

But seriously, probably Op.25/12.

Although it’s over-played, g-minor ballade would be my choice…

though over-played, it’s rarely well performed

Op. 22 (solo)

I used to think so too, but then I listened to it more and now I love it. Same deal with the F minor fantasie.

haha, yeah that’s true, esp. today… but thanks God, almost every great pianist played that so it’s always interesting to discover some new things…

prolly either da f minor fantasy or da f minor ballade

F minor Ballade
Preludes (set) inc. op 45 prelude
Sonata no 3

Pick 1 only.

Op. 52

Of the things mentioned, I haven’t yet developed an appreciation of:

3rd Sonata
Op. 49
Op. 60
Op. 61
Either Concerto

Time will tell.