Favourite Hungarian Rhapzodiez (poll)

Tru pick 7/8 favez
I let u votez fo zuch a high amount to give da lezzah known onez a chance :dong:

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My pickz -

Obviouz famouz onez 2 6 n 15

and I LOVE da run from

8 9 10 11 12

13 n 19 honourable mentionz juz below dem

no4 I find very underrated alzo

no 7 I find gud but da weakezt ov da early onez

16 17 18 I find a bit WTF n anticlimatic and don’t belong wiz da rezt becuz dey arent virtuozo workz

dey are late pimp gensui imprezzionizt minimalizt ztyle but comparitively weak IMO

I like all the unpopular ones :v::doc:

Really, #2, #6, #12 etc are great I’ve just heard them enough. #12 to the point where I’ve come to despise it almost as much as D.960. The lesser known ones might be less of hit songs, but they’re also often more rewarding in the long run I think.

I agree with comme that #7 is the weakest of the lot. #1 is problematic too, but it kicked out #13 anyway for me since I know no one else would vote for it. The friska is a bit sheeyat, but the lassan is wonderful. A highly personal association, but every time I hear it I’m transported back to a nightly 19th C Hungarian rose garden, where you’re simply lost in thoughts.

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Wut do u think ov 16 17 18?

17 da bezt ov da 3 wiz da clazzic :rectum: rec but dey zeem to be a decline

Love em.

18 maybe least of the late ones, but there’s something otherworldly about it.

I like the piano but I can’t listen to this shit (dissenting opinion).



That’s exactly how I feel about zartzonz :smiley:

9+11 unpredicktably winning zo far , rezpec!

Tiz a bit CG dat u love Punk rock though!

Da :pimp: rappahz bazically da punk ov da 88 rep world! :whale::gav:

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A lot of it for me is the quality of the lyrics – sentiment but also sometimes it’s really poetic.

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Juzt lyk da hung rappahz :sunglasses:

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Hehe. I don’t know, but for as long as I’ve known this punk rocker he’s had little good to say about anything where virtuosity is as in your face as with these.

They used to be among the works I cared for least from Liszt as well, but as with their associate Cziffra I’ve warmed up to them more and more. I’d have to be abstract again to describe it, so I won’t, but they’re full of character and flavour of a kind you can’t find anywhere else.

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I call shenanigans on the high placement of 11 irrespective of cortot kapell and a best perf by iturbi!

Haha, I felt the same earlier today when it was actually in the lead. I like it well enough to be among my 8, but it’s hardly the #1 gold medal rappa.

I think Pester Carneval is however, so I’m quite content with that at the top now.



:grin: there def election security issues here. Russia if you’re listening publish the awkward transitions between sections in the 11th Rhapsody!

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Ahahaha if rezheeyat correctly

Da 11 frizka iz lyk

A stop-n-go zart turka

Hopelezzly ghey but ztill kind of wikid :sunglasses:

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#9 at da top’