Favourite Hungarian Rhapzodiez (poll)

…what is 11 doing up there??? :slight_smile:

All proceeding according to plan here otherwise I see. And no love for #18.

11 gets much love from all the Golden Age recs of it

Yes but the piece - forget who recorded it

I expected it together with 10, 13, etc. I mean I like it too, but it’s not the billboard smash hit of #6 and not as substantial as 2 and 12

…I thought

I know several mofos who adore No 11

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I had trouble coming up with 8 choices. It’s definitely not one I care too much for, but I like Kapell and Judd’s recs. Arrau too.

Although, if I’m being honest… I don’t actually know 1,4,5,7,8,16,18,19 very well. Maybe I should remedy that.

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Out of those, No 19 is a total classic.
Apparently it is mostly a paraphrase of sum specific Hungarian compo

I think Kholodenko programmed it last year

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Itz TOTALLY obviouz dat dere iz a gap between 15 n 16 but I juz rezearchd n tiz a THIRTY year gap

Rappah 15 - 1853
Rappah 16 - 1882

19 wuz 1885 and haz an interezting article on it -

Horowitz transcription

The pianist Vladimir Horowitz wrote his own piano transcription of the 19th Rhapsody, remarking to Thomas Frost that Liszt was “quite old” when he composed it. To elaborate, Horowitz said that “it has wonderful ideas, but they are sketchy sometimes, not developed. That’s why it needed to be transcribed.” On the transcription itself, Horowitz mentions some “doubling and expanding” in the lassan section, while changing the form of the friska section, noting that Liszt “repeats the same thing,” describing it as “a little bit naïve.”

Another aspect of Horowitz’s transcription was the ending, which he made “more brilliant … but not brilliancy for its own sake”. Horowitz also told Frost:

It is rather bravura for the sake of the musical spirit of the piece. And very Hungarian, too. This rhapsody may not be as showy as its predecessors, but in my humble estimation it is more daring, more advanced harmonically and … difficult enough.

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hahaha harzhly ZERO votez fo da 18

Luckily tiz da ZEPP fav ov all :sunglasses:

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Sacrilgious question but did cziff play sixteen through 18?

Haha he improved diz one wiz a few random caddiez :sunglasses:

16 & 19, not 17 & 18.

He played 19 already home in Hungary I think. His mono set was just the 1850s 1-15, for the stereo set he added 16 & 19 as well.


yeah, he played No. 19 and recorded it in in the early 50’s in Hungary as written

in the 70’s, he did a remake with his own additions.


Tru but diz iz da one inztance where I feel da HO verzion iz da bezt

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I disagree, respectfully

It has tons of cool ideas, but that is far removed from Liszt’s harmonic language

Textures are tacky also

Fun to hear once

N u prefah da ZIFF additionz? :sunglasses:

No, but they are at least in line with the style, sum gensui cimbalom effects

The Horowitz additions sound like a cheap party trick imitation of Rach fucking around on a Pimp Rappah

I love Horowitz. That rec is not Liszt.
Whatever that is, sounds cool, but it is neither tasteful nor Liszt

In wut univerze iz diz not ALL DAT MATTAHZ ? :sunglasses:

No, because there is no valid reason to rewrite Liszt’s music and cheapen it, when uneducated fuckers already have a skewed opinion of Liszt

The Horowitz tacky arrangements are not helping

I would have preferred some 1920’s Ho in untouched Liszt

Ahahah DAYUM even da zepp himzelf harzhly unaware of diz :sunglasses:

Da zepp wud vote fo da followin 3 zheeyatz:

3, 8 n 17 :lib:


Hahah da barely legal rappah