Favourite Liszt Sonata recs?

I’m a sucker for lists, so here goes:

Top 10 Liszt Sonata recordings:

  1. Gilels Studio '64, Live '49, Live '65
  2. Richter Carnegie '65, London '66
  3. Levy Studio
  4. Berman '55
  5. Horowitz '32
  6. Judd
  7. Weissenberg '53
  8. Annie Fischer
  9. Freire '74
  10. Barere

Honorable Mention: da Brendan

Also, I’m sure once I hear 1955 Fiorentino, it’ll be on my list.

Here’s mine :pimp: :

Horowitz 1932
Richter 1966 live

I’ve never heard the Levy, Fischer or Judd, though. I might like them better than any of these.

da shrimp

1930s Fiorentino? Really? That would be extremely early. :open_mouth:

I don’t think I even have 10 recs of this piece, but I’m liking Judd’s at the moment. :slight_smile:

Random typo


After hearing Freire play Chop Bal4 at 12, I’m inclined to believe typos like that. :laughing:

live BEAR in montreal pozz #1

:ho: , weizzmeiztah, :rectum: carniegie, n tha orgy


honorabl mention

levy, den horowitz. but hactually I haven’t heard mozt of the verzionz mentioned in this thread.

Da ZEUZ, da MOTEL n :rectum:

da fuckin rectum juz wtf 8)

da PAV tru 8)

da :rectum: iz da only mofo hu turn da ghey zl*w part in pure tenzion preparin da inzane unleazh a bit lyk he duz in da chop bal 2, tiz make da whole pimpzon zound lyk a tru piece.
all othah peniz play fury - dizguztin gheynezz - fury - dizguztin gheynezz fury etc… n da mart hatez da pimp gheynezz mo den anythin elze :liebahztraum:

da MOTEL ZEUZ n PAV wud be mah fav in da MART Tranzcription


my favorite:

horowitz 30s, Richter Carnegie, Levy studio and live at MIT, Katsaris Studio (didn’t hear the live one), Gilels (actually the whole Liszt recital), Fiorentino later studio (ahven’t heard the early) and actually, Annie Fischer (i can’t believe Chris didn’t include Fischer)

Zim iz my fave for total, though :rectum: iz good. I randomly find Ho doeznt have the deep power in the bass I love. :rock:

See #8 :rectum:

Most of my faves have already been written down.
Other versions worth mentioning:

  1. Argerich
  2. Horowitz (the live, later one - yeah pretty unique, strange, sometines struggling, but demonic)
  3. Arrau (Studio and the live recs)
  4. Horacio Gutierrez (never released on CD; got only the LP)
  5. John Browning
  6. Bolet (early and later recs)

SteinwayModelD, would you UL the Katsaris rec?


I’m not so attached to this sonata these days , i mean i love it but im not listenin to it or playing it anymore. need some distance. besides from what i remember i liked the Zim and Fischer , only one person mentioned the Zim before , you all think it sucks or something ? i liked it a lot

Levy (studio and 1956 live + there’s another one out there which I’ve yet to hear)
Katsaris (live 1972)
:ho: (1932, and live 1977 from Ann Arbor)
Bolet (live from Tully, 1975, 1969 live from Germany)
Gilels (1965, live)
Lazar Berman (1958)
Fiorentino (1955)

Some other notables: Geza Anda (1955, live), Valery Affanasiev, Lazar Berman (1976, live), Cherkassky (1978, live), Friere (1982, live), Curzon (1961, live)

Surprised to hear: Lupu (1990, live), Perahia (1983, live), Zacharias (2004, live)
(yes I’m a bit obsessed with this piece) :pimp:


When’s the Koji rec going to be releasd?