Favourite Piano Concerto

I personally love Griegs one in A minor. From start to finish… It’s just utterly beautifully done.
I also like Beethovens No. 5, solely because of the 2nd movt, and the 3rd aswell i guess.

What about you?

Oh, and Liszts Piano Concerto No. 1 is just superb aswell.

i cannot choose, for i have heard hundreds and hundreds of piano concertos, but if i had to choose, i would choose da :rock: 's 1st piano concerto (the original version). also, medtner’s 2nd piano concerto, but with da big dick cadenza, just like da rach 3.

perhaps we should start including performers. for the rach 1 original, ghindin polays it best (hes actually one of the few to record it). for the medtner 2, tozer plays it best (even though he plays da little dick cadenza). for da big dick cadenza, demidenko plays it best.

nah… No performers…

if i had to choose one i would probably say da brahms 1 (gilels owns this…and I also have a special liking for da goulds recordings (especially the one on the music and arts label)…keurti is also quite good)

my next favorites are the Prokofiev’s (I like them all…couldnt pick one)…and the brahms 2

i suspect I will come to like the ravel concertos very much in the future (but I am rather muscially retarted as of now)

Ravel’s left hand concerto.

da rach 2 iz randomly one of mah favs

Yeah, Rachmaninov’s No 2 is amazing. When I heard the first 20 seconds of it, I just kenw I was in for a treat. :wink:

i rank Schumann PC as one of da best sheeyat ever composed in da 88 literature.

Ravel Left Hand
Barber Piano Concerto
Prokofiev 2nd

Prokofiev 2nd

da :rectum: Rach1 shud be better


Rach 1-3, Rach Rhapsody, Brahms 2, Schumann, Prokofiev 2-3, Mendelssohn, Grieg, Mozart K 466 D minor, Totentanz, Katchaturjan, Busoni, Dvorak, Barber, Franck Symphonic Variations

for some reason, not a big fan of the Chopin; not a good orchestrator

… the Tchaik is great, but I overplayed it.

My top 3 choices would be Busoni, Rach 3, Mozart K 466

Beethoven 4
Bortkiewicz 1
Prok 2
Grieg (when played by Cziffra)
Liszt 2 (except the ending)
Brahms 1, 2
Mozart k.491


schumann pc
mozart 20,21,23
Haydn D
beethoven 4,5
brahms 1,2

And, strangely enough, Saint Saens 5.


Bartok 1,2
Chopin 1
Prok 5
Liszt 2
Tviett 5
Haydn 4
Beethoven 3
Brahms 1,2
Ginastera 1

and some other`s that I have forgotten about.
-da Meph


-da Meph

Hey S-S 5 rules