You iz full of sheeyat

ma queztion iz:

do u feel a threat from da :whale: ?


both chairmanz ov da SDC iz full ov sheeyat indeed.


ahaha iz thiz tru?

if tha LIB iz readin thiz tha only random queztion i can think of iz,

when u iz playin tha PIZZICATO POLKA, shorly tha temptation to play tha RH with yo dong muz be ovahwhelmin, no? 8)

does da Lib undahztand da word “dong” ?



da gensui brillante :ho:

Impossible. No way to be precise… It could just play 4 or 5 keys together…



da italianz… 8)

sory to be skeptical

howevah if u iz really da LIB kan u pozt some portion of da chopgodet? da sheeyat dat u performed in florida in feb 06?

not only iz da :lib: bezt penis, he iz alzo a CG mastah DAIMMM :lib:

how old is da libetta?

how about you do some research about the great man yourself?

BTW, mr. libetta, i iz considering purchasing some of your DVDs. Letz say i pay 20 dollars in Amazon, how much do you receive in return?

hahahahahahaha daim

haha , da hotaik iz quite nervouz about hiz future contractz

Was this shit real?


Unlezz it wuz u



I recall he say he was studying Hanon tremolo than decade later randomly open recitals with it. So… think legit… perhaps

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Most certainly not me. Da :trugod: appearance was 1000% legit too.

Didn’t da :trugod: drop some shade on da SDC website software? Dat was sexy.

He also pimped out his online teaching platform