Generally considered master/popular works you dun like

It can also be a ‘why is this so famous when something similar is better’ discussion.

:brotha: op.101, op.106 fugue & Archduke (the trio, more of a meh)
:rock: 3 - more sick of hearing.
:Bach: I can not get into most of the keyboard works, I don’t know why. I like the choral and orchestral music, but there’s very few of the keyboard pieces that get move me.
:Bartok: 2PC I like the 1st and 3rd, 2nd doesn’t do it for me.
:Britten: - pretty much anything past a few early pieces. Went to a Choral service which was ruined by the Jubilate. And if I never hear Rejoice in the Lamb again it will be…just never.
:Zart: PC25 - can’t get into this one.
PC20 - not that I don’t like it, but I think it’s overhyped compared to 24.

Chopin 3rd Sonata, 4th Ballade
Rachmaninoff: 3rd concerto

For me it’s more works that I’m sick of which is many standard fare (Rach preludes, most Chopin).
Works that I’ve never really been able to get into: Prokofiev 8 (apart from the last movement), Diabelli variations (pozz just haven’t spent enough time with these).
For the most part though, if I listen to a piece enough I can grow to like it.

There’s a lot of standard fare I still like, but juzt rarely listen to (Grieg, Tchaik PC’s)
Overhype of anything tends to shit me right off of it - pop music, sport, MCU…

Not a crows fan then? AFL is one of the main reasons I could never move to Melbourne, and rugby league is almost as bad.
I don’t like following sport out of principle (even though I used to play a lot of it growing up), since Australia’s collective self-esteem is indelibly tied to sport, while art is almost completely ignored.

With Bach you probably can’t get into it because you haven’t listened to Feinberg’s perfs enuff 8)

I can take it or leave it, but the business and religious hype put me off. (Plus all my cousins are Port supporters…)

Same, I’ve got nothing against sport as sport but Australia’s fascination with it is whacked. It’s similar everywhere I guess - Italy & Uk with Soccer, Us with football etc but at least they have an arts culture.

ahahahahah da 3rd zon, bazically not enuff material to zuztain a 25 min zheeeyat

howevah, if u uze da followin MART-CUT:

mvmt1 (firzt 2minz only)

den tiz becummah da greatezt CHOP WORK evah 8)

I know right.
It’s a hard place to live if you’re an artist (or scientist).
Don’t get me started on soccer…

What about the Weissenberg Carnegie involuntary memo-lapse cut in da fourth movement? :stop:

hahah TRU! almoz certainly a bezt varz evah but i juz dun know it n dun think much of tha theme :brotha:


Tru 8)


tru dat alzo workz. replace da orignal 4th mvmt wiz dat zo it becummah a tight three mvmt sonatine, wiz each mvmt laztin 2minz

a perfect 6min zong 8)


I would replace da slow movement of dat wiz da funeral march 8)



da zon2 FUN MARCH a fuckin POGO clazzic

randomly diz mvmt wuz da MOZ WATCHED zheeyat from da random POGO DVD da minizepp had 15 yrz ago :sunglasses:

Da most watched funeral march is sumhow diz clitburn:

3.5 mil tru


diz actually eerily zimilah to da POGO interp

but da CLIT haz debatably

bettah tone n worze rhythm 8)

I think the ChopSon 3 is a masterpiece - never get tired listening to it.
Howeva the Snorter no. 2 I’ve heard enough for da rest of my life. That Funeral March - ugh, can’t listen to it anymore. :chop: :imp:

Beethoven Symf. 5 & 9 - can’t understand why they always have been the most popular.
I love nos. 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 much more…

But not da erotica?
I love the 9th, I can’t choose between the two.
5th I don’t listen to that much, and I have problems with the length of the coda.