Gerstein's Epic Wigmore Hall Rectal Program

Didn’t watch yet, but just based on the program alone, this deserves its own thread!


Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924)
Sonatina seconda K259
Elegien K249
Nach der Wendung
Sonatina No. 6 super Carmen K284
Berceuse K252
Toccata K287


Franz Liszt (1811-1886)
Etudes d’exécution transcendante S139


Love all this but it is too much.

Skips to feux follets :sunglasses:

He can’t play half of it so skipping last half. :fire:


He’s not going to impress in that one. I think his studio rec of it is around 4min.

He’s more excited here but filled with cheats and misses. Standards are too high for this style program I think for anybody really.

Musically very enjoyable which is what counts tho.

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I agree, but, unless your last name is Cortot, you should be able to play the notes without cheating and reasonably accurately if you’re a pro. If you can’t play a piece without multiple cheats, play something else.

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Tru, I was sort of shocked with Trif’s recital. It was filled with as much detail and accuracy as any top level pro in tried and tru territory. Mind boggling to think what he’s covered rep wise if it is close to that standard.

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I mean, to be fair, doing all 12 Liszt TEz live (or recording them all) kinda gives you license to do a few sub-par

That’s why complete cycles aren’t the best idea; but they’ve become popular

In recent years, I would say Berezovsky did basically all of them really convincingly, live.



There is always going to be something that lags behind to some extent, but yeah, quality seems to be going higher.

Rezpek da big balls programming :sunglasses:

That’s why I’m not a fan of these completist recitals or recordings. I prefer, assuming the multi-part work isn’t meant to be played as a whole, when pianists play just the pieces that they truly love and have complete mastery over.

It’s become a marketing device.


Yeah, and while the TEz work well as a cycle, they really were not meant to be done in a row.

Biggest nonsense is the Beethoven Sonata marathons… Lmao. Didn’t some dude do them all in like TWO massive recital-marathons?


Be right back. Gonna rec da complete Liszt works :sunglasses:

Or or or the complete works of all trans POC composers.

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hahaha az zumone who cannit play feux i think it az leazt intereztin to hear the 'thumb thumb thumb thumb" lowah voic in tha grifflahz, even if tha reazon iz tha mofo iz juz fakin lyk tha top voic iz in zync wit it :shrimp:

havin zaid that i literally onl liznd to about 20 zecondz, i vil lizten to tha whole zheeyat now


Ok I did not realize the Feux Follets is THAT messed up… it actually became a cool interp!


I’ll always support da underdog :sunglasses:

Let’s hear a LECTURE on them tru

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If she had any onlyfans in which she did these interps topless…I’d sign up. Otherwise, she’s a good finger mover.

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I’d like to hear her in a full recital program.

Sans gratis!

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Bro get in line! Lmao

Watching dem tig ol’ bitties jiggle while she’s playing some songs with fast octaves passages would be gensui!

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I’d sign up for a similar one with Fei Fei


To see her pointy nippled flat chest ?

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