GrainOfSalt Poll

  • Ban
  • IP ban
  • Let him stay

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This guy irritates you?

I guess the means you’re halfway to understanding how the rest of us feel about you.


My troll posts do not have restraint, but they are never against any member directly.

I never consider for a second insulting or criticizing a person directly, no matter how I feel about what they say.

Not sure if this actually applies, well, to some.

That includes both of you.

Thankz fo da PM grainovzalt

I vil Juz reply here

I think u iz a bit ov a unique memba , annoying to zum, and amuzing and likeable by othaz

I iz in da lattah camp and I enjoy da ztimulation u add to diz forum

I vote ztay, no ban

Da Comme :comme:

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Point taken :grin:

I’m MUCH worse than that dude.

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Thanks for your support.

I just get the overwhelming feeling that a few people want me to get banned at every turn around here, so I don’t even know if I should post anything at all.

Likewise, the troll posts are bound to be seen as annoying, but how on earth are they any more annoying than the multitude of other posts around here?

If I am going to get banned, at least I want to be able to still see the posts and threads here, because no matter what kind of post I make it will have no difference if I was banned anyway if the reaction is always the same.

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Imagine Trumofo typing something that long and cringe level.

At any rate, I made my point. Dude’s a bit of snooze.


I post something short, you are annoyed. Something long, you are annoyed. An attempt at creativity, you are annoyed; a serious response, annoyed.

I could always just make my own poll and ask to get you banned, but I don’t, not only because you are senior but because it would just be ridiculous. I would not do that kind of thing even if I was an administrator.

I am starting to feel you just want to get back on me because you seem to have been banned multiple times in the past decade and want someone else to share in your predicament.

Anyway, I’m not angry at you.

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Try posting some quality content such as:

  • Ban da Trumofo? (Again)
  • No, da TM is a mofo

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My point being that you are clueless as to what dasdc is about (I think it is about JAV, Chinese chicks, random CG and piano - all with a RETRO vibe)

Whatever. If you do not want me to post then I will not.


I might as well make a stupid poll on it, if you want.

You have several accounts?



Apparently since you’re quite keen on these videos yourself, I also think you could, if you want, post a Youtube video of yourself ranting on Poon.

That would get a lot of views and likely even get her to notice you.

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Sounds like a good idea!

Also, now we have 2 wankers on here. Great.

  • Ban ranter
  • Let the wanker stay

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I made my point.
Now we have 2 losers on here

Haha fuckkk, da fingah zlip on mobile. Wuz going foh let him ztay n harzhly clicked on IP ban :dong:


I alzo voted foh a TM ban to cumpenzate :sunglasses:


Luv u too

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Haha juzt figured out I cud change mah vote :icon_stopw_sdc_473: