Great Forgotten Pianists


  • Daim, Diz better den da real thing 8) Juz like da fleshlight
  • Sounds like a legit live peniz to moi
  • Dis an abomination

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It has come to my attention that there are countless of Hattoized recordings of mythical pianists from the 50’s which are nothing more than MIDI reproductions of the score.

I don’t see why nobody really mentioned it when these started popping up.

Here are a few examples:

And a particularly laughable one:

:hatto: :hatto: :hatto:

I don’t know why that gullivior idiot does this. They all sound terrible, and it’s pretty irresponsible to flood youtube with fake recordings like this.

Yeah man, the MIDI always sounds consistently sheeyat.
These are not even in the proper tempo for the most part 8) da Shame!

He invents interesting biographies for each.
Timor Panik - the Liszt pupil (except that he wasn’t, his name is not mentioned anywhere).

I’m honestly surprised that very few YouTube listeners realize these are MIDI renderings. :blush:

Really? I’m not… :dong:

Haha likewise. 8)
It’s not just youtube audience, at VBM’s recital in Lille they couldn’t tell the difference between Brahms and Liszt.
Makes one wonder whether they were Brahms and Liszt. 8)

Hahaha… but this robotic midi…
Man, Diz like da chicks dat prefer to bang deir sex machine 8)

There are some advanced multi-tasking machines out there. :rectum:

Datz rite! 8)

Dey can do some INSANE innovative motions.

Pozz Dey will inspire real men to get better in bed, just like da changing 88 double escapement mechanizm and iron frame inspired da pimp to unleash loads of repeated notes in his Contrabandistica Zlit Clazzic Fant. 8)

I think some users do realise the recordings are midis, but the comments get deleted…

Some of the names are cg:

Manon Cekassky
Scott A. Kemal
Ervino D’Este Colli … testicles??

What is this dude trying to accomplish with his fake recs?

Maybe he’s trying to prove that out of like 10k pianophiles which are subscribed to his channel, listening and comparing rare golden age recs and sheeyat and even stating their preferences…

Well, when these mofos hear a fuckin MIDI, they don’t realize it.
Yeah, after hearing a Friedman, Pachmann, Horowitz and Rosenthal mazurka comparison - they happily listen to a MIDI perf - only AS LONG AS IT IS LABELLED as a long-lost Golden Age mofo from the 50’s.

These same kind of people will probably dismiss any perf unless it is a long lost golden age sheeyat.

But mostly wtf.

Haha yeah, Kemal clearly a reference to Gekic and Cekassky is a reference to Shura da original pre-plate Thai Kiddie lovah.

He post a pic of random 20’s era mofos too.
Dis for da golden era fetishists tru 8)

I assume it was 's got a camel :laughing: as well as a Gekic ref.

I think there’s a bit of a joke aspect betweem the channel owner and some of his buddies, and they are all in on it. Not sure how funny it is though…

I did get the impression that a certain type of pianophile on some of the yahoo lists and usenet groups I used to be part of many years ago had a golden age fetish. The more obscure the pianists the better too.
It’s like a pianist could only be good is he was dead and forgotten.
How many times have I heard of such and such pianist being “a rival of Horowitz” in his Berlin/Paris etc days.
For some reason it’s always Horowitz they’re compared to. :ho:

Maybe the channel owner was hoping to encourage Tom Deacon to discover more “great unknowns” and make a twat of himself again.

Escherichia coli (abbreviated as E. coli) are bacteria found in the environment, foods, and intestines of people and animals. :rectum:

Hahaha da shame.

Happy to see da Fleshlight is holding its own against ‘abomination’ in da voting. My man Joe Rogan used to advertise da Fleshlight. Now he chats to Lawrence Krauss and Jordan Peterson. Respect.

Back when this guy started his fake pianists I confronted him about it but heard nothing back. I guess it’s some kinda joke. Names are funny.

The joke is on da hundreds of subscribers who go from a Rach plays Rach vid to da midi robotic-dildo rendition and don’t bat an eye 8)