Great pianist who didn't/don't play Schumann

I can’t think of any, at the moment. It seems to me that every great pianist plays Schumann. As it should be, in my opinion.

Can anyone think of a great pianist who didn’t play any Schumann? Or at least didn’t record any?

aside from gould?

i don’t think tureck recorded any schumann

i don’t know what our threshold for greatness will be here…

He played the piano quartet.

that i didn’t know :blush:


Glenn Gould played Piano quintet by Schumann, which I posted few months ago with Brahms quintet…
I don’ think that Rosalyn Tureck played any Schumann…
Speaking of other pianists, don’t know if Angela Hewit played it too…

Tru, Gould played the Quartet Op. 47.

Angela Hewitt has definitely played Schumann. I even heard her play the Liszt Sonata - of all things - on the radio. It actually wasn’t all that bad.

And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen record of Tureck playing Schumann, Mendelssohn and Schubert in recital.

Joao Carlo Martins, hahahaha :smiley:

John Ogdon?

very sad, but Terence Judd?

Tureck is an utter sheeyat pianist.

Worst ever !!!

but you allow hewitt’s name here?

she is accomplished, but from what i heard, i wouldn’t rate her as a “great” pianist.

I have some recordings by Tureck that would make you eat those words.

Hewitt is actually quite decent live. Very poor on CD though.

And no, there are recs of Ogdon playing the Schumann Concerto, Andante and variations, Nachstucke and Six Canons Op. 56 (arr. by Debussy).

Terence Judd, unfortunately, did not record any Schumann… but who’s to say whether he played any in concert. My guess is most likely.


Something about that guy bothers me. I didn’t find his Bach to be very interesting at all.

So it’s a stretch, in my opinion, to include him in a discussion of ‘Great’ pianists.

Only Mindru Katz comes to mind, but like Judd there are [currently] only a few recordings of him out there. Can’t really imagine Katz not playing Schumann.

I’d agree with you to a certain extent about Martins. There are some things he does which strike me as shallow, but there are a few gems that I appreciate so much that I’ve kept him in rather high regard.

Granted, I haven’t heard Hewitt live, but it is hard for me to consider her at a higher level than Martins.

How can you say that about tureck…
She is the best in bach!
True geniuss

Hehe, well her mid - late Bach recordings are not the best.

There’s a lot of 50s Tureck Bach recordings that are quite impressive, so she wasn’t always so bad.