Greatest Bach Pianists

Three Lists. Top 10 Bach Pianists. Top 5 WTC recs. Top 5 Goldbergs. GO

Favourite Bach Pianists

  1. Samuel Feinberg
  2. Sviatoslav Richter
  3. Sergio Fiorentino
  4. Glenn Gould
  5. Emil Gilels
  6. Edward Aldwell
  7. Edwin Fischer
  8. Grigory Sokolov
  9. Martha Argerich
  10. Yevgeny Koroliov

Favourite Bach WTC Recs

  1. Samuel Feinberg
  2. Sviatoslav Richter LIVE
  3. Sviatoslav Richter STUDIO
  4. Edwin Fischer
  5. Mieczyslaw Horszowski (Assuming Book II is anywhere near as good as book I)

Favourite Bach Goldberg Vars Recs

  1. Claudio Arrau
  2. Glenn Gould 1981
  3. Glenn Gould 1959 Live
  4. Konstantin Lifschitz
  5. Alexis Weissenberg

Now make your lists:

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[color=yellow]Favourite Bach Pianists:

  1. Feinberg
  2. Argerich
  3. Richter
  4. Gould
  5. Gav

WTC Recs

  1. Feinberg
  2. Richter (not the studio recs)
  3. Sokolov

[color=cyan]Favourite Bach Goldberg recs

  1. Lifschitz
  2. Gould '81

Gieseking deserves a mention.

:dong: where should I put “Schiff”…

Schiff goes under ‘Schitt’

too bad… da rectum never recorded da bach goldberg vars. i visualize he probably plays it like Arrau, unpretentiously straight to da notes (with more fury added. :rectum: )

da bezt bach playah iz da Whale n Orgie

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mart, what else did da whale unleash besides da goldberg? i cant think of any.

da orgie didn’t unleazh much bach eithah 8)

tru I dun believe in “bach zpecializtz” I believe in wikid peniz hu, at zum point unleazhed zum wikid bach

I cud add da lipatti to mah fav bach lizt too 8)

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pozz I shud hear zum richter n hog bach too :rectum:

mart, lipatti only unleashed da bach partita no.1 and a few choral preludes. That’s it.

and to be honest, i find da gensuiking perf of partita no.1 bettah. But tru, da orgy Bach is some of the most wikid ever especially her bach cello sonata cd, one of moi all time fav cd.

My fave: Edwin Fischer
I just wish Schnabel recorded more Bach. Same goes to Argerich.

ahahaha i zenze sheeyatnezz in da topic/zect zelexion

zeekin da ‘greatest bach penizt’ in relation to ‘sdc legendz’ iz az uzelezz az

azkin which mofo haff da biggezt tv in relation to how rich dey iz. tru tiz obviouz moz rich mofoz haff huge tvz, but dey alzo haff caztlez jetz armyz n amuzement parkz.

zo tiz juz a bit ztupid to be imprezzd by da zize of da tv 8)

42 inch flat screen. u haff anytin against dat?

-da meph

Favourite Bach pianists (no particular order):


I’ve never had the opportunity to hear Backhaus Bach. Nor Kempff Bach, besides his Goldbergs, which I didn’t find to be all that great.

Yeah, his Goldberg’s are disapointing, but the selections from his WTC, Bach D major toccata, 5th French Suite, and of course, the transcriptions are gorgeous.


Don’t forget his amazing D minor concerto recording (live)!


Tru, the Lipatti D minor is probably the best I’ve heard.

canadain, derez a hidden mezzage in diz ztatement :kan:

it appears that you are too subtle for me :wink:

I haff pozted HOG bach in da pazt. u iz too slow mart. But randomly, I also haven’t heard any rectum bach.