Greedy bastard pianists

This from the TM about The Sledge’s solo gigs

How much of this is a modern ‘celebrity’ thing? Like Bunyat and particularly YW, overplaying & overtouring, was this common in the past?

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m not gonna pay to hear this type of, well, non-refinement isn’t actually it. Neglect may be a better word. Arrogance also would fit.

Ahahahaha diz depend on da ziterape ztylee of da legend in queztion randomly

If tiz a ghey carefully navigated read-from-memory type of mofo, den no :sunglasses:

But if da legend mofo chooze to furiouzly rape a zheeyat he haz not praxed fo yrz, den diz fo zhor worth hearin. I wud maybe even chooze to hear diz perf ovah a well preped perf of an average mofo :sunglasses:

If u iz a TRU LEGEND, da gensui vil shine thru from amidzt da chaotic rape, lyk da WEIZZ chopzon3 finale :sunglasses:

haha this legendary zepp insight. Respect

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Speaking of that rec, I lost it, does anyone still have it?

DAYUM I zaw da MENACE in 2016 n it wuz LUGY ztyle zolidnezz

he pozz rape in UZA in protezt of da PUTIN zanctionz ? :sunglasses:

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I think it is sheer necessity. He is overbooked, doing work fo da Russian goverment AND playing 12+ concertos a season.

Of course his solo prog will be slapped together for the most part!

I fhink I do, but it should still be on Brendan’s site in any case.

Meanwhile, the dress YW just wore in south america! Holy shit!!


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Ok, she clearly has hips. I’m starting to think this one is not trans!

Also dat dude looks like he iz about to propose to da YUJA :sunglasses:

Haha yeah, that was actually the caption for the photo!

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Haha fuck! What did she play? Da Scrib 10?

Not sure, think she was playing chopson 3, one of the prok sons (either 8 or 6) and pozz da Scrib 10 also.

Greediest pianists are Kissin and Pogorelich. Buniatishvili’s ticket is actually not that expensive, and YW neither.

Yeah I think da Prik 8!


I’m waiting to see a dress on her just a shade tighter to hopefully reveal a true camel toe, just to dispel all the rumours.

If I were her manager I’d suggest this.



I want to be inside of her, just to be certain.

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pozz da firzt tym in hiztory da YUJA reach 6/10 in da zepp eye :sunglasses:

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