hahaha da whale jazz

finally someone posted it on youtube:
it looks like it’s from that documentary, from the cards at the end, but i can’t remember it ever being in that doc…

It’s from a documentary, I have this on tape. Back from when I could still receive arte. Man he sucks at this :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, i couldn’t believe how bad it was actually. from the wiki article, it makes it out that it’s an amazing perf. perhaps he’s had one too many… he looks a bit happy.

Lol wut

The article might just’ve been typed by a big classical whale fan who knows nothing, but I just hope that this wasn’t one of his outstanding jazz pianists performances.

yeah, that was what i’d read.

hahaha :whale: sheeyat

da :whale:'s legendary zwing 8)
derez a tru brothah inzide da :whale: 8)

explainz da joi on hiz face :jacko: :whale:

It’s in it, 5:40-> in da second part.

I must say FUUUZZCCCKKKKKQDFJ!!! da Whale jazz is almost as horribal az da Madge ChopGodz…

zhorly da Whale wrote diz himzelf 8)



haha most likely 8)


haha diz mack da knife from a doco wat was posted here before (pozz by da mart?)

twuz in da docu tru
randomly cut in da PILKAH german verzion (pozz on whale requezt 8) )

Poor. But he’s out of his element. So it’s forgivable IMO.

in the end does it show him in a casino? someone upload diz.

maybe with more beerz he may be more gensui

more! more!

haha diz made me lol and feel sorry for him at the same time. He pozz juz needs to listen to more jazz then he could do it well i’m sho. :ziff:

so as of now we take :doc: jazz as betah than :whale: jazz