Happy Birthday to the X

The most legitly collected person I know. Collect yo fine self. Happy Birthday mate.

Shit, I didn’t even realise.
Tru rezpec da legend!

You mean xsdc? Grattis!

Congratulations, mate!!

How d’y’all know each other birfday?

There’s only one X!

Proko – names are published at the bottom of the forum. If we can trust each other :doc: :doc: :doc:

Tru, Happy Birthday! Have a good one!

Indeed, if we are to trust da X he should receive a cake with 6 candles today.

Happy (real or fictitious) Birthday, CJ!

Rezpek!!! Happy Bday!!

Thanks! Yes, 35 today :pimp: :kan: :rock: :ziff: :chop:


I thought yo bad zelf wuz yungah den dat

8) datz a compliment trooo 8)

35 is a great age dude. My older friend’s girlfriend told me that in Amsterdam’s whisky bar on my 35th and she was right. You’re still all capable of youth and impulsivity and so on but have matured enough to handle yourself – if you want to :wood:

6? :wink:;):wink:

My age has always been an issue - my entire life I’ve been assumed to be older than I am, often much older. A relatively new friend in NL (3-4 years) thinks I’m just joking and still assumes I’m 60 something, despite that I’ve linked him my facebook page! And now in recent years I’ve begun to hear “oh, I thought you were younger”. Vlad’s right - 35 is between two worlds with one foot in each. It’s a neat place to be, and I’m definitely more content with life here than I was at 25.

Thanks again everyone!

At 35 you can date an 18 year old or a 50 year old and nobody will say sheeyat. 8)

That is true. At 35 you’re prey for everyone. I kept getting interesting glances from a 23 year old at a party a few weeks ago and a few years ago I had to change gym since a 50 year old lady kept hitting on me (and once when we were along openly asked me about sex).

It’s weird. :g:

I’m with Tony tough, I’m definitely more interested in women than girls - and I’ve yet to meet a 23 year old woman.

HOT. Next time hit it without compunction. They are super horny unsatisfied ex-wives who want the airtight solution (this is some porn lingo I picked up recently) and are highly likely to squirt everywhere. You know how furiously people behave when they think it’s their last chance to get something? There ya go.

I don’t know why any 35 year old would wanna date either an 18 year old or a 50 year old.
The problem with girls in their early twenties is that they often look like women even if they don’t act like women.
But to be fair, most guys aren’t men at 23 either, God knows I wasn’t.


I would have banged da hell out of either

If they wuz azian 8)


Congrats, I’m 34 and thought you were older if only because you are a classy and awesome mofo.


It’s curious that there are no youngbloods on the board anymore.
It’s seems like the average age is probably 30-35 amongst active members.
When we started this shit we were all teens. :comme: