Happy NY

Best wishes to all these talented mofos who frequently visit this most interesting forum.
In Japan it’s already pretty close to 2018. Kanpai!!


Happy new year!


Happy New Year everyone!

Tru, may tha fury be with all you mofos in 2018!
Actually, the homies and I still haven’t decided what we’re doing tonight.
Kinda too cold to be out in the street.

Happy New Year to everyone! It’s wonderful to get acquainted with many of you. May you all have a propitious 2018!

Sretna Nova Godina from Croatia as well! Best wishes guys!

Happy New Year, mofoz

Yeah me and my droogs have to find some place warm to listen to Ludwig van’s glorious ninth.

I’m gonna chill on da beach.

70 degrees here, partially cloudy.

You the kind of guy to wear Speedos MOFO?

Wellywellywellywellywellywellywell rezpec!


I let my considerable junk hang out, it fits my religious beliefs tru.
If it gets too chilly, I just fold it under and shove it up my ass to keep warm, just as I do when I perform. :rectum:

LMFAO you’ve got a way with words TM. I think you’re the Russian version of this guy:


Happy New Year!

Horowitz plays Auld Lang Syne


Tru I’m already drunk and I need to last another 50 mins then we will go out. :stop:

Rezpek u all!

:rectum: :chop: :ho: :pimp: :rock:

Have a great 2018!!! :stop: :stop: :rock: :ziff:

mannn :confused:

I liked 2017 better

xsdc - still waiting for it, haha…

oh right.

I’ll get to it when I’ve sobered up again in 3 or 4 weeks