Happy NY

Haha, take it easy! After all the sake I drank I need a couple of weeks too!

Tru , happy New Years

Tru, Happy 2018 mofos. :ziff:

Is the year right on this?
I thought after his 1953 breakdown he didn’t play the piano for two years?

I guess that was BS, da mofo clearly could play.

Yes yes, I want to hear that mofo too 8)

I’m hungover as fuck now; drank havana club, champagne, white wine and cognac at the same time (tru 4 glasses).
Somehow made it home but I honestly don’t remember anything after about 3-4am.
Only sent one embarrassing drunk text but luckily it was to a friend not an ex.
So all in all a successful evening. :dong:

i’m surprised to see you here today at all. i expected you’d wake up around wednesday somewhere in southern spain.

i’m clear as da :rock: in a 1923 RCA studio and feel better than ever. :hatto:

Da Rach clarity cums thru regardless of da acoustic rec limitations. 8)

I had a bit of good cognac (disgusting, tastes like piss) and a glass of champagne (Diet Coke is 28x better)

Feeling pretty good today. Tru!
Also, I stared out into da ocean and I see how ships simply vanish by shrinking down - da perspective effect, caused by da limitation of our own eyes.
Water is flat - earth is flat!

I am cumming back to NYC on da 5th, hopping off da plane and going straight to da foundation where Dey will give me da $2K cheque for my misc doctoral expenses and sheeyat.

Oh man. Den 23 days and I play the new program, which is now memorized but otherwise in shambles. Fuck.


Bootleg will be provided

Happy new year!

We were attempting to be classy last night so had some truffles and caviar, which supposedly goes well with cognac.
The one we had was super mild and went down like water.
I think I overdid the havana club however.

Was it a good cognac tho?

Randomly, cognac tastes exactly like horse piss to moi.
Don’t ask how I know that :blush:

Maaaan my night…I juzt came back to Tha bar for a mimosa and hearing stories about myzlef

I wuz apparently in TRU form :whale:

Wtf did yo do?
Happy New Year, mofoz :tm:

Cognac is very quality dependent. Me and my brother bought a test set from one of the big brands about ten years ago, and I remember the cheapest sort were about like you describe, while the classier ones barely tasted alcohol at all (well…). It was at least a whole range of tastes embedded within, as with a fine wine.

Yeah not sure what I did last night. Those shrimps must have been past the expiration date though. :unamused:


This friend of mine has the most epic booze collection, so it was probably a good one. Ordinarily Cognac’s not my favourite either.

The beach ideas there by the way Mikhail brought about some surreal memories. We only have light for a few hours each day here now, if you can call that light, and recalling days at the beach with 25C and where you can still read a book out in the garden at midnight… It feels like something I did in another life, on another planet.

Three months left… May they be quick & snowy.

That must be depressing to have a lack of light for such a long period, no wonder they made alcohol so expensive in these Scandinavian countries!

Japanese whiskey is surprisingly good - I did a test to compare it with some random good quality Scotch single malt, and I prefered the Jap. one actually!

That’s crazy, although I suppose you’re used to it?
I’m actually surprised how late the sun sets in summer here, something like 10pm (with daylight savings), doesn’t usually last past 9pm in Oz.

I read that as trannies. Daim da TM subconscious infiltration! :tm: :fury:

Yeah man I agree, the Japanese make some wonderful whisky. I went to a whisky bar in Tokyo and the diversity was pretty good. A year or two ago one Jap distillery was awarded a major international honour too.