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Bizarre. Can anyone verify any of this?

ic now: a pre-emptive April Fool :laughing:

Holy shit, that’s a bit wtf. Though I can’t imagine Gramophone would print this without having the proof to back it up.

I don’t doubt it’s true, she seems too amazing to be real.

If it IS true, I’ll be pretty damn angry - I paid like 200 bucks for some 6 CDs of hers.

Nah, can’t be, look at the bottom. I fell for it hook line and sinker, mind. Kudos to them. :smiley:

Hahahaa damn, the early april fools prank. Damn.

Tru, the comparing the Bronfman recording seemed a bit screwy to me, cuz I know the Bronfman recording pretty well and they’re nothing alike.

hahahaha obviouzly these mofoz iz taking Hatto’s recz n say tiz their own

juz shameful :blush: :zkep:

hahaha fuck dis arpil foolz, i wuz gettin worried tru :laughing:

though actually when I put the rachmaninoff disc in itunes it said it was bronfman. But then again, itunes is utter sheeyat. CA/Fidelio were notorious for pseudonymous releases though, like all that Fiorentino released under alias.

oi you guys should check this out:


groups.google.com.au/group/rec.m … bf88cdd897

It might not be an april fools after all. If the allegations are true, I’d be bitterly dissapointed, not because I bought a bunch of her discs, they are excellent, but being deceived either way is not cool. In any case, we’ll see how this turns out.

It’s got to be, Brew. I know it seems incredibly elaborate for such a niche audience, but that’s the sort of shit you have to do to fool people these days! :smiley:

You reckon ? If it’s a joke, they are just begging to be sued.

this cannot be april fool…

just imagine what the copyright owners of these recordings what say about a joke like that…

I don’t know - I’m gonna go do some waveform analysis on the Godowsky Etudes. I’ll let you know what I find.


ahahah wher doez it zay april foolz on tha grammpahone zite?

DAMN :pimp:


at pristineclassical.com/HattoHoax.html
about the Chopgodetz:

“Simon recording has been time-shrunk by 15.112%”

Zhe wanted to be a zpeed demon but did not have da girth hahahaha

It doesn’t Rob, but to me…

"Are the Hatto’s fakes? If so, how many? This, it must be suspected, is a story that won’t go away until the full truth is known.

  • Don’t miss the April issue of Gramophone for a longer version of this story"

This is pure :dong:.

or its just the gramophone writers trying to assume the role of “defender of the truth” lol :unamused:

Still these are very serious allegations. Let us know what you find Chris.

Yeah, but everything else seems to indicate this is not a joke

Here’s the intro of Hatto and Grante’s Chopin-Godowsky no. 1

When I stretch the Hatto to match the timing of the Grante - they are eerily similar with only a few points of difference. But then again, this hardly means anything.


dayum, well, my rezolve is shaking admittedly. :lib:

However, two things:

  1. Why do we have to wait until the April issue for a longer version of this story? Do they usually do this? The site news is updated pretty much daily. This would be newsworthy enough to warrant a follow-up, surely?

  2. I think there has been some Hatto naysaying on usenet. I don’t remember the specifics, but I reckon whatever transpired might have been enough of a catalyst for a wind-up. And it’s evidently created a stir there.

We zhall zee… :doc:

I’m thinking that it might be a hoax - the fact that Hatto recorded them. The odds are 70-30.

If you read Piano magazine, all her advice for piano-playing seem to be the same as those of da G man. Stuff like “The mind plays the piano” and stuff like that.

Regardless of whether Gramophone wants to treat it like an April Fool’s joke or not, Chris has already found some similarity in the recording. According to Hatto’s husband, he can’t even say anything to defend himself.