Hey Koji

I’m posting this here to avoid the Nazi shithead from chopinfiles. (BTW, that informative thread should not have been locked.)

I noticed your back seems extremely straight all the time (on the video here). Is there ever a time when you get down close to the keyboard to play a certain way? Or is that an “old school” way of doing it?

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I found him on chopinmusic.net
I have to make a note of that before I forget. LOL

You want to hear something weird? Music123.com put a message on their site saying they will resume shipping on January 5, 2005. Argh! I was told they would ship my order this week. Now they’re saying they want to count their inventory. WTF? Oh well, maybe they’ll want to send my order before they count everything. Don’t know.

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[size=150]Wow, now I have to type in large letters because I have a big avatar.[/size]


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Are you sure dis is da place to be?


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dat i shall not answer, but you shall find out soon…

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we iz big fanz! 8)

Well, can us Doofuses know what the hell his name is so we can do a search? I don’t know all the shit you people know.

yo nickname is painfully so tru


Hello Christina Aguilera. :slight_smile: