How do I do fourths? This for some reason hardest thing I ever seen

Pimp Paganini Etude No 2, oasia passage.
Da Ho and others (wisely) play da alternate octs version in dis part

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Fuck so close! Tho I think even at full speed less cool than octs.

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It dun improvith much with practice. Da liszt brain likely girthier than average mofo for sure.

Almost almost - YouTube

Randomly, da SCRIB 8 got some crazy 4ths

I bet da Liszt would like da scrib


No doubt.

Modest success supporting more with wrist… now can abandon this nightmare finger twisty shit.

Liszt Paganini Etude No. 2 Ossia Practice Session 12/6 - YouTube

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Dude!!! That rocks!

Ok, you basically can play everything now.

Rec da whole song for us please?

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I dun practice nothing but this section lately. Will need to learn the other parts good cuz they atrophy a bit. This octave central still totes shite. But probably get it down in a few weeks nothing super insane there.

Tru, get on it!

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Full true rape fury attempt with the fourths passage in there.

Liszt Pag Raw Attack! - YouTube


diz deserve a separate thread.

very enjoyable SOLID unleazh, DAYUM.
rezpek da extra BAZZ attacks.

AHAHA rezpek da pimp innovative hand crossing. Mofo knew what he was doing.

FUCKKKKKK da ZPAZZ octz cummah. Daim, sum of these are damn hard.

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Yeah da tempo in my mind at odds with the physical world

I’m thinking the physical world will submit eventually

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Is there a way to record from a Digi directly from da soundcard (or whatever produces the sound), and sync with da video?

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There is indeed but I gotta move things around to plug in that cable and I’m pretty darn lazy. Once I get on top of this piece legitly I’ll do that like I did for the thirds etude a while back.

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That’s a gud idea

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haha rezpec pozz covid gave u zum extra zpeed ? :sunglasses:

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I return from the spirit world stronger and with…

… more keybed



Alzo important to realize dat

da PIMP himzelf bazically zound lyk diz if recorded :sunglasses:

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