I'm back! ivankozlosky

Hello all–after many years, here I am again! Trumofo convinced me to return. Only, I couldn’t log back into my original account with stats again, no matter what I tried. So, here is the second version of ivankozlovsky…

Hope you’re all well.

In the photo, I’m posing with my teacher, Sergei Babayan

Hey man, welcome back.

when’s the Ashkenazy interview coming out?

Those are two damn cool dudes. 8)

From that photo I know who you are. We have a mutual friend in Cleveland, Mr. Drake, although it’s been many years since I last spoke to him now.

The interview with Ashkenazy–oh man I hope soon. We’ve filmed 63 episodes so far now and released 49 to date–which means we still have a huge backlog… eek.

Mr. Smaug–I don’t know him but would love to be connected sometime :slight_smile:

OMFG Babayan looks coked up. What a hero

Welcome back! If you want I should be able to get you your old account back

Yes yes daddy!

Welcome back ZSOLT!!!


Yeah man, I think it’s better, so Zsolt can access da brothel and all the 100+ and elite group posts!

Now DASDC is better than ever!
Holy balls, man

Rezpek da ZSOLT!! :gold: :silver: :bronze: :approved: :god:

Rezpec, welcome back!

Welcome back!

Edited :wink:

I’ll be looking forward to Ashkenazy as well, I actually don’t think I’ve ever heard an interview with him, though I know he’s supposed to be a highly amicable person. Can you share any of the other upcoming names?

There are quite a few–but of pianists we have Manny Ax, Thibaudet, Seymour Bernstein, and M-A Hamelin :slight_smile:

The singer I’m excited about releasing soon is Joyce DiDonato :slight_smile:

Ah yes Mr. Drake! I just spoke with him this morning! Great guy

Yes, he really is. I should catch up with him again as well. Hamelin is one of my oldest piano heroes - I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that!

There are some Ashkenazy documentaries on youtube.
Having met him, I can confirm he’s a super nice guy (although dismissive of his early recordings).

Oh, when was that?

As to his recordings… Have you heard the interview Martin Meyer did with Horowitz? It’s a bootleg from Horowitz’s own living room as it were, so for once Horowitz opens up and shares some opinions on contemporary pianists. I’m relying on a 15 year old memory now, but he essentially says Ashkenazy was a brilliant pianist as he came out of Russia, and then he met Barenboim, who ruined everything. :slight_smile: No comment on that, but I kind of agree. It’s the early Ashkenazy which is the good Ashkenazy IMO.

Yeah I agree.
It was during the intermission of Kissin’s concert at the Sydney Opera House in September 2011.
Only time I’ve ever been starstruck.

I heard Kissin in 1997 in recital in Chicago–it was a fascinating experience. I felt he was both bored and nervous during the actual recital. I don’t remember all the pieces–I remember Bach/Busoni, Kreisleriana (very boring) and Schumann Toccata (very sloppy but who cares). Then he gave five encores–he came alive during those in a way he hadn’t before. It was incredibly exciting. There was finale to Weber C major sonata, Schumann Intermezzo from Faschingsschwank, Schubert/Tausig March Militaire, Rage over a lost penny, then something else I forgot. But I was thunderstruck. I think he was in his 20s.


I attended the Plate debut in Carnegie in 2000

Don’t remember anything…

Welcome Back Zsolt!!!

I request a repost of your Liszt Dante!
It was damn good. Epic.