Incident in Lucerne-- Sokolov vs. Martin Meyer/Brendel

Hi Everybody,

I could not believe what I witnessed today here in Switzerland. This is a story I just had to tell. Sokolov’s reply was legendary.

There has been a piano festival going on here, and this afternoon
there was a talk given by Alfred Brendel and his friend, writer Martin Meyer (I read their book of conversations.) Brendel wanted to talk about his favorite pianists Cortot, Fischer, and Kempff, and Meyer decided to pit their recorded examples of repertoire with direct comparisons against “inferior” pianists. But he did so by asking Brendel to comment on those yet-undisclosed pianists, and Brendel said such things as “Oh this pains my ears, I don’t even want to talk about this.” Meyer said, “But Mr. Brendel, this is Sokolov.” The audience gasped, because in one hour
Sokolov would be presented in the very hall here. They proceeded to trash two of Sokolov’s Chopin Prelude recordings, and recordings of Argerich, Pogorelich, and Cziffra. Sokolov an hour later started his recital of Bach, Brahms, and Schumann. When it came time for encores, he walked onto stage and played, clearly making a statement, the very two preludes that had been trashed by Meyer and Brendel a short bit before. Their behavior was beyond words, and I admired Sokolov’s courage.

Sokolov played six encores total.


Sokolov is the man. Was he there when that circus was going on or did someone tell him about it?

How was Sokolov received?

Thanks for relating the great story, btw.

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Meyer is clearly a douche

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hhahaha rezpec even tho da zock prelz are TRULY zheeyat :chop:

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an artist like sokolov deserves every opportunity to shit on the opinions of a non-entity like brendel

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haha good story , respec

poor brenDULL :blush:

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The packed audience simply did not let Sokolov go, and he gave encore after encore. His last, a late short piece from Scriabin, is something I’ll never forget. I wish I had had my equipment running-- I had it all prepared, but when I reached for my bag, the lady sitting next to me gave me a glare that said hell itself would freeze over, so I didn’t dare.

I wonder if anybody else happened to be there or document it. It was one of the most exciting Bach c minor Partitas I heard, and one of the most sensitive.

@ivankozlovsky: The entire C minor Partita? Or just the Capriccio?

Pianists of higher sovereignty do not bother with spiteful and catty remarks against them.

Brendull, the only pianist who built his career by berating other pianists and pretend to be sophisticated-asshat, he would worth something if he could have play a phase half-as-well-as his incessant teeth-grinding.

Thanks for telling this story… I have yet to hear a good Brendull recording… What exactly is he famous for? Can’t be his touch (ugly piano tone), can’t be his inspiration (there is none), can’t be his virtuosity (again, that is non-existent)

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He played the entire c minor partita as part of the first half of the program. It is true that it is best to remain above the fray, but it is also true that rarely do artists ever expected to be insulted by the establishments that present them, especially right before they play.

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I’m guessing that the festival didn’t know what Meyer had planned?

Because that was extremely disrespectful to Sokolov.

It seems to me that when it comes to pianists talking about their peers the only thing that can come from it is the opportunity to embarrass themselves.

It’s very rare that they have something intelligent to say.

Yes, I thought that there was a kind of unwritten rule that pianists shouldn’t comment critically on other living pianists. Whenever the question of “which current pianists do you not like” has come up in interviews, most of those I’ve heard have refused to answer. :hatto:

i believe da zound dun match da vizual on diz vid, lykly a fake

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wtf tiz teeth grind

Alfred Bieber pozz?


Possibly off topic:

I remember intensely disliking Brendel’s stupid book of poetry.

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fixed :dong: