Is this a good place to say hi?

I tell you I’d seen this site mentioned on the pianostreet forums, and thought how odd. And then perusing an opera group about sharing, on a topic about my favorite Sviatoslav Richter I found a link (A Frank piece, yep) which led back here once again. How odd thought I as I looked around. I saw sites such as “CP3 for MVP” for which I agreed even in the face of KB8X3. Amazing, quite and indeed. I had thought SDC meant “Slam Dunk Competition,” but it da Speed Demon Community.

Oh, but I’m a musician and I think I’d like it here. I mean, a Rachmaninov smiley? :rock: What a wonderful planet!

What I am is an accompanist for a minuscule university, and I do love what I do. And I explore a lot, and that I love too.




Gayest post I’ve read in a while.

hahahah welcome
and tru

tiz iz a place not fo da light-hearted

but iv u wud stick around, it just might be da bezt classical muz*k forum evah :gav:

it iz tru… :stop: :stop: :stop: :brotha: :kan: :dong: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :wood: :wood: :ziff: :ziff: :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: :comme: :rectum: :rectum: :rectum: :comme: :rectum: :comme:

haha yep and welcome. you better have a thick-skin, this place can be brutal. :dong:

unofficially KOBE hath already won mvp 8)

I don’t mind.

:tm: ???

LA Times reported. Doesn’t mean it’s true.

pozzibly tru. we havent had a tm instance for a while now.

Here is a good place for you to get started


sum unexpected CG


Do you have a link to this topic? I wouldn’t mind seeing who’s spreading our links around.

kobe iz easy to hate…fuck him

K, Octaveleaper is officially not Trumofo, so WELCOME :slight_smile:

Haha, da standard tm applience test :smiley:. Welcome, i’d say :slight_smile:

ahahahaha wtf?

:tm: iz actually zertifiably LEGENDARY

diz mofo, lykly sheeyat 8)