Is Debussy fo pussies?


I propose hiz official sdc name be Depussy :smiling_imp:

Debussy’s music is cool.

Mozarts the pussy composer if any. His music’s very… “flowery” and gay.

Mozart is way superior to Debussy as a composer.

wtf! you are just an idiot. don`t you realise that when you come to the best composers, it is impossible to tell who is better or worse.

-da Meph

Correct. It’s down to personal opinion, and mine is that Mozart’s music is for boring old retired half dead people.

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so, you are implying Mozart and Debussy are equally great in every aspect?

fuck you.

well ofcourse tiz incomparable.
da mozart is one of the greatest geniuses of all time. but still Debussy is a great composer also and because of his impressionistic nature in music its obvious that there is not so much personal and intimated feeling about it tho its very close to soul at some points. so lets this thread iz lame and let it be ovah

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I think that Debussy is FAR superior to Mozart in some instances and that Mozart is better than Debussy at some points. Debussys music does often have a much more emotional effect on ME than Mozarts music because of his much richer harmonies. But I am only stating my oppinion.

This on the other hand is not just my oppinion:
It is NOT a fact that Mozart is a better composer than Debussy.

I do also remember seeing a signature by you going something like this: I am strictly against comparing in art/music.

so FU.

-da Meph


That was Vlad. Alas, he was one of the few pianists who indeed compared alot of sheeyat. the harshest composer he ever made a comparison was Mahler. “One Chopin piece is worth Mahler’s whole composition”. For some reason, I agree with uncle Vlad. Mahler is one of the sheeyatest composers who ever walked on this planet.

and I agree with u agreeing da Vlad

Mahler is sheeeeeyat

he can’t compose without putting loud drumming/percussion in between 2 seconds. It’s like he need that to keep the beat.

For a great composer, percussion is merely embellishment, and the structural and contraceptual ideas and the ‘struggle’ between tension and resolution should be enough to achieve climax and other dramatic effects.

Da Mahler is definately shit.

ahahah tha MAHLEZTER iz wikid :whale:

ur grand-teacher disagreed

BS! Mahler is the shit! Hiz second symph kicks azz like no other symph!