Iz da lack ov Black Muzicianz in Clazzical Muzic due to Racizm

  • Tru tiz becuz ov zyztemic racizm
  • No tiz becuz dey iz genetically inferior and zhud ztick to zimple rap zheeyat
  • Haha no tiz juz becuz dey juz aint into da Muzik itzelf…due to cultural izzuez, preference fo Rap etc. - not racizm. If dey wanted a career and wuz talented dey wud flourizh!

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Azk a non PC queztion, get a non PC anzah…

Yup, racizm :sunglasses:

Kinda like da relatiff lack of rapping wiggahz? :lib:

I wouldn’t like to speak for all (or indeed any) black people - but pozz the music of old white european dudes is culturally irrelevant to them?

And also racism for the few who do try but don’t get anywhere.


on da zurface diz iz a dizcouraging factor and makez dem dizmizz it

but how relevant iz it to ANY ov uz culturally?

I wud argue cultural relevance iz a huge barrier for everyone gettin into clazzical unlezz u happen upon a good teacher/cummah from a muzical family or juz zumhow haf it part ov yo immediate cultural circle

to me - a workin clazz white mofo from modern day rural Britain - it iz no mo ‘culturally relevant’ den it iz to any random Black perzon out dere

Da firzt tym I heard da zurgin fury ov da Moonlight Zonata finale by Beethoven I wuz hooked - da 88 and clazzical muzik changed ma lyf

zum random German from da 1700z who wud othawyze be culturally irrelevant to me - hit me in da heart and made me feel a connection I haf neva felt to any otha kind ov art - even if itz zuppozedly mo ‘culturally relevant’ to me

i dunno - not wishing to speak for black mofoz or indeed da comme himzelf, but da black mofoz have an alternative, vibrant and immediately-relevant culture so may not want or look for anything else. as white europeanz i’m not so sure we have that alternative. where i am in da :wales: there is no culture apart from the eisteddfoddau which are trapped in the popular (not classical) traditions and language of 1890-1910.

The typical mofo selects their artistic frames of references from within their own ethnocentric and psychosexual cultural milieu (continued for a further 94 boring pages and published as a 21st c uni dissertation)

Well how do u mofoz alzo account fo da ztate ov JAZZ right now?

U cud argue tiz a MO culturally zignifigant BLACK cultural creation den RAP

but iz it culturally relevant today?

alzo - mo white people buy muzic by black artiztz

rap iz not excluzively appealin to black mofoz

UZ pop/rap/r&b iz all exported to da UK and around da world and iz ‘culturally relevant’ not bazed on race or demographic but uz becuz itz part ov popular culture

It’s also not 200 years old! Not entirely sure what point you’re making there.

However regarding jazz, I think it’s still alive and relevant but in new forms (which is pozz where classical music failed - there are no new forms, or at least, not ones that have more than a handful of cultist adherents) - look at Cory Henry, Robert Glasper and the like. It’s also influenced the church music scene in the southern UZ (which is totally different to UK church music), which is where Glasper and Henry come from.

ahahahah tiz lyk

a RAP forum where 90% of da poztz iz thirzty brothaz dizcuzzin how dey wanna fuck da next whyt chick while tellin her how terrible at rap zhe iz

n den a “reazonable” brotha make a thread titled:

y aint dere mo whyt rappahz? :sunglasses:


Yes, every instance where there aren’t as many blacks as whites in any field is an instance of systemic racism. When there are more blacks in a field, the reason is always merit!

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haha well I vil alzo azk

how haz clazzical muzik achieved zuch ‘cultural relevance’ among azian americanz & chineze/korean/japaneze?

and cuntzequently - wut can we learn from diz to alzo open up ‘black culture’ to zeein clazzical muzik az zumzheeyat dat iz relatable, relevant n not zo alien :alien:

Why do we have to do that for ‘black culture’? Recordings are available. Youtube videos are available. Classical music isn’t for everyone; white or black or asian or nonbinary. I’m not into Jazz. Does something need to be done about that?

Because it is seen as a talisman of sophistication and success, whereas in the UK it has a lot more in the way of pejorative connotations.

tru da greg wuz our eminem :sunglasses:


tiz zocially accepted and celebrated fo azian kidz to be nerdy and azpire to be zmart and zkilled

if u iz black and nerdy - u get outkazt from otha black kidz n told to ‘ztop actin zo white’

rap culture often ‘celebratez’ crime too - leadin young mofoz to glamourize da drug pimp crime lord lyfztyle

azian kidz grow up idolizin da :dong:

black kidz zay da only acceptable whyt role model iz ZCARFACE :sunglasses:

da role model tru :sunglasses:

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ahahah da m*zik itzelf iz gud, n da 88 iz wikid, but alzo importantly becuz

azianz in weztern zociety or wiz intahnational azpirationz tend to gravitate toward gamez/artformz/careerz wiz da moz objective rulez. diz bazically how aznz deal wiz racizm. becuz dey noe in a whyt dominated zociety, u vil haff a much bettah chance of zuccezz at zheeyat wiz da moz clearly defined rulez

zo in da caze of art, “playin notated m*zik” iz da moz rule-bazed type of art. rulez dicktatin zpeed, accuracy, rhythm, rep zize r predefined n u can guarantee a certain level of fairnezz below da elite level. fo 99% of non-elite playin, tiz difficult to call a gud zheeyat zheeyat or a zheeyat zheeyat gud.

at da elite level tho tiz ztill whyt privilege :sunglasses:


da ZEPP breakz all da rulez with da ZEPPETZ :sunglasses:


ahahaha tru but da zepp an outliah in any argument :sunglasses: