Iz it ok to practice sl*w ?

Tiz a question fo da moral authorities of da SDC:

Iz it ok to practice a piece slwly if diz iz fo da purpose of being able to play it wit mo FUURRY aftawards? Or shud slwnezz generally be condemned?

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:bar: [color=red][size=200]:“start practicing wif da AFAP tech and u will become one ov mah fellowz avtahwardz”.[/size]

:god: [color=red][size=200]:“I learned presstisimo before andante”.[/size]

start slow …

even Chopin himself , was advising his pupils to play everything slow and legato as the first stage . rome wasnt built in a day .

Why don’t you go post at Pianostreet?

dont hate on this guy…hes seen hell, heaven, and purgatory…

tiz ok to practice slowly if it yields a even faster results.

as simply as that, achieve da AFAP result by any mean.

no wonder liszt got all da hoes.

yea tru …
lil boy , ya know i really admire fast playing , but only when its high quality and there’s no way of achieving smoething in high quality with no work on that. that’s the reason there is few like orgy and rectum out there while there’s a bunch of pitabreads everywhere!

and i thought it was about playing music …

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Iz yo anzwer in any way related to mah original post? If yez, den I missed it…

My teacher told me the following story:

Some friends went to visit Rachmaninov at his apartment. They walked in and heard da 88 - the tempo @ snail’s pace. They thought “Rach muszt be teaching some n00bular beginner pupil of his” or somethign along those lines. They entered the room and it was none other than the master himself at da piano.

Slow practice is the path to success. There is no other way. ALL great pianists did it. The worst way to practice is to play through passages at speed over and over again. t takes 10x longer this way and turns out shite in the end anyway.

Only when you’ve mastered it slowly can you even think about speeding it up. I

Also, some people I’ve heard can only play things fast because fast playing often acts as a substitute for considering proper rhythm, phrasing, dynamics, etc. My friend can only play his Mozart sonata fast. When I asked him to slow it down, it was a complete mess.

SLOW PRACTICE 4EVA :doc: :doc:

Rach wuz said to hav practiced inzanely slow.

I say practice fast n slow… and inbetween

HEY, keep in mind Liszt said that you shud be able to play at 4 speeds to masta any piez.

and no, he didn’t mean fazt, fazta, faztest

he ment slow, kinda slow, fast, fasta than you will at performance

Hahaha. I never even said anything about practice speeds! I was only making fun of your stiff ass.

subwoofah you are so right. The nooblets at pianostreet would be inclined to disagree with you though.

Comme’s recordings are the result of fast practice. Nuff said.

@comme: FUCK YOU…ASSHOLE. :comme: