Iz Yunchan Overrated? (Poll)

  • Overhyped and Overrated - great player but not the God people hype him as
  • He deserves all the hype he gets - he is perhaps the greatest pianist of this young generation

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I like him a lot but dun make love vids and shit talking about his pure spirit. That’s reserved for gekic.

I’m reserving judgment for now.

da D960 phase pozz cummah :doc: :zzz:


I mean, seriously, when you bust a nut to porn do you wonder if it’s the greatest tits + ass of all time?

Ok then.

I’ll settle for da :lola: :oncoming_automobile: :nigga: nude unleazh

box office records broken fo sho.

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Or take this class with a “Cliburn finalist”

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but da YAZHKTOT not forgotten (also for good reason) :dong:

covered in sum depth here ic

That was a different pimp comp (not Utrecht) so even MORE sheeyat.

That was CG as fuck. A summer of prep down the shitter when I could have been preparing to rec and issue Beethoven op 111 + Pimpson (or something) out of the massive program I had going.

Hindsight’s 20/20 tho

Are chicks who look 14 overrated?

  • Yes, overrated as in TOO OLD
  • They’re ok but you gotta fuck em fast
  • Hell nah, dudes who look 14 for moi
  • I prefer MILFs with giant asses
  • furries only, don’t give a fuck who wears the fursuit

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  • I’m a closeted gay Muslim, bitch is too old AND her face is uncovered. Death penalty. Also, where is her explosive backpack?

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Rezpek dis thread derail

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Wud u?

  • Mia Khalifa
  • Shamina Begum
  • An actual donkey
  • All of them
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No no, a chicken.

Easier to explain to your wives why one is missing (you had to kill that slutty chicken after having your way with it)

Or a turkey pozz?

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Ok, now we’re being culturally insensitive as evil WESTERN Turkeys are not native to Saudi Arabia

Turkey meat:

It’s basically halal.

However, if the animal was imported from a country or region where most of them are not Muslims or people of the book (Christians and Jews) then it is safer to abstain from such. This is because the slaughter of such people is haram for the Muslim.

also if the Jews and Christians slaughtered it and you saw them calling other than the name of GOD on it then do not eat it.

Also, if you know that such places usually kill their animals in wasys that are not in line with the Islamic injunctions then please don’t eat it. Example of such is places where they kill animals by strangling, injection etc. instead of slaughtering.

In summary, it is best for you to slaughter your animal yourself. Also try to buy from a reliable source.

What you put in your stomach and nourish your body from has a great impact on your spiritual well being.

Intentionally or carelessly Eating haram has many bad impacts on the soul: It makes it hard and snatches the fear of Allaah from it, it darkens it and makes it less able to ponder on the meanings of the Qur’an, it takes away divine light from it till it sees good as falsehood and falsehood as good and many more.

Also the messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) said:

Every flesh that grows from haram then the fire has most right to it.


*checks the official religions of :armenia: *

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“In the 21st century, the largest minority Christian churches in the country are composed of new converts to Protestant and non-trinitarian Christianity, a combined total up to 38,989 persons (1.3%). Due to the country’s ethnic homogeneity, non-Christian religions such as Yazidism Tractorism and Islam have only a few adherents.”

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Ok I call :zcholah:



but enough about the impact (sic) of da :tractor: :peach:

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Nothing light about that hind section

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Did not expect dis

:tractor: a 10000% hetero sheeyat :gav: