Most legendary Chopin Etudes recording in history


Is that MacGyver?


10/1: zepp tied wiz orgy
10/2: rudenko, zubah, MT, aphro

25/6: Friedrice (best fuckup), Lhevah

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Lol dis 10/2. Tempo fluctuates apparently at random.

Attemptin to challenge da ZIFF zpirit :sunglasses:

Challenged my ears, datz fo sho.

25/12: da Ziff and da cameldick


Don’t forget da BZ’z zupah zlow zeriez on chopetz!

ahahahahah da otha etz r hilariouzly decent

da NUTZACK juz didn feel lyk zpendin mo tym on da 10/2 den he zpent on da 10/3

zo az a rezult

he ended up zpendin da zame tym on both, pozz :sunglasses:


I didn’t realise this was a serious thread. :slight_smile:

I’d need to refresh my memory a little to do this properly, but here are some which have left enough of an impression for me to remember them off the top of my head:

10#1 - Tiempo
10#2 - Goldsand, Tiempo
10#4 - Richter
10#5 - Gavrilov, Pletnev
10#7 - Friedman
10#8 - Chiu
10#10 - Richter, Chiu (<- )
10#11 - Francois

25#1 - Bolet
25#4 - Chiu
25#5 - Rubinstein
25#6 - Tiempo
25#7 - Timofeyeva
25#12 - Sokolov

Nouvelle 2 - Goldsand, Rosenthal

ahahahahah link :sunglasses:

Monday! I’m hunting polar bears this weekend.

daiiiiiiiim REZPEC :sunglasses:

Da polo bear located!



Da Cameldick perf is strangely compelling.
Well da ztarting idea was. Getting zumwhat affected now.

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For 10/8 there’s only the early Horowitz recording for me. 25/3 Ashkenazy from the Chopin competition. 10/1 I like Backhaus. 10/4 Richter. 25/6 I like Friedman for the added scale at the end. I don’t think that there are clear winners in many of these.

I like Ciani Live in 10/1. Backhaus does a great 25/2. I always liked Richter in 25/5 and Orozco in 25/4. Barere owns 10/5 for me, and Sokolov plays a pretty legendary 25/12.

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Tru, da BAR 10/5 n also Friedman’s rampage of it.

Da Bar programmed da 10/1, too bad dey never grabbed him in it

I figurd diz thread about da complete zet…zo I pick Orozco

Diz thread can not go pazzed without