Music festivals

Do you guys have any in your area? The Prague Spring Festival just released its 2019 programme and it’s very disappointing – just two piano recitals by young Czech pianists. There will be a recital of Isabelle Faust playing Bach S&Ps which sounds great, but otherwise a rather skint program. I thought this festival had more clout.

Pozz a mission för da Tony?

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What do you mean?

Oh I see. If you mean da SDC should displace this disappointing festival with a tru SDC festival, I agree.

A bunch of pepole I know go see PhiZH all da time…that soundz crazy to me.

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diz queer obsezzion wid da psychodelicz

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No but write them a letter and tell them you’re disappointed in their offering, and give them some suggestions of pianists you’d like to see at the festival. Not just Volodos etc, but let them know about lesser known musicians as well.

Indeed, unless you’ve found something you’re happy with already in Czechland seek employment!

haha dis Ikea assembly method a bit remote from da vlad. Indeed da V saves only to repay his debts and then leave again.

Frankly I’d rather go into competition with these bastards than actually infiltrate-to-aid. One problem I have is trying to combine two things I like – an underground scene of non-commercial art with an elite & expensive scene of piano recitals. They’re okay on their own but how I can combine them to a) remove the groupie BS of the elite, and b) bring down the price, I don’t know.

da life of da tony :yum:

so where to next?

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da vlad only wants to hit spb and feels he needs to do it soon before his luck runs out. This place is wonderful but I don’t know how long I can or will stay and will be surprised if it’s beyond a year.

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I’d love to visit St Petersburg too, but I’ve heard it’s difficult to do so. A friend was there a couple of years ago and said you needed a special visa, written testimonies that you’re a “good person” etc (pozz he needed that).

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And answering the question… There’s no one to speak of in Sthlm anymore, but there is a good one in southern Sweden I often visit.

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St Petersburg sounds like a great idea. I wanted to move there before I came to France but my Russian was too sheeyat. I’d go there for Khoreva now, but just to visit.

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I’d love to visit Russia but as I am 28, the chances of getting thrown into the army and gaped by a Russian cock - is quite high

They have national service? Also, they still view you as a citizen?

You should apply for the Tchaik comp, and then when they throw yo ass in jail, you will get famous. Just don’t count on your mate Trump to get you out.

Once a citizen, always a citizen.

Except I left when I was 6 and only had papers pertaining to my mom’s passport, which is expired n needs renewal

Ok, this will happen:

Ok, step out of the line! You were born here? Ok, there are some issues with your papers, we will keep you in this detention facility.

Oh the cue on this is generally 2-5 years, we can detain you here while we figure out your citizenship status.

US citizen? Those papers are not valid here!

Ok, lights out folks, early morning rise tomorrow, make Russia great again!
We’ll be defrosting the runway starting at 3am tomorrow.


cock in ass


…after your Wud u hit it threads? :wink:

Haha, this is actually a great idea. The only drawback is that all future recitals to take advantage of that fame will have to be streamed from a prison cell. I mean, imagine the acoustics.

Huh? Я не понимаю.