New Arcane and Unfollowable Transfer / Record Making / Remaster Thread

A little. Mostly just projection work back in the last century.


Didn’t Tarantino have Inglorious Bastards (or some other sheeyat film he made after Pulp Fiction) shot in 65mm? I can only image how expensive that was in a time when film is scarce and more expensive then ever.

There’s a good scene in Fight Club involving film…projection.

Wikid! I don’t know anything about film. Wish a pro would restore piano stuff. Nudge nudge wink wink~!

been ages since i did anything with physical film. rather miss it, though nonlinear editing beats the hell out of all dat splicing, dats fo dam sho

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If I win lottery poss set up a lab to transfer 1990s lola vids from uzbeki vhs.

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If you scan a film negative, do you have to do it frame-by-frame, i.e. cut the spool into individual frames and scan them one-by-one?

What might be fun is take a modern pristine clip and make it look like a faded VHS or an old sepia tone black and white with artefacts, scratches, etc.

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there a few ways. you can feed the film through a scanner which scans each frame individually and then assembles them. or you can feed the film through a projector, put a nice flat pure white light in place of the xenon arc lamp, point a video camera at the film gate, lock the camera shutter to the projector shutter speed and record that. or you can jus point the camera at the cinema screen n record that. as long as you’re going over 50fps it looks fine (cos film is 24fps, equivalent to 1.5 feet of film per second). if you don’t get the shutters synced then you get the occasional flicker as the projector shutter blanks the frame, but you can just duplicate with a frame from either side n you’re good (or replace da standard 3-blade shutter with a 2-blade one, which is what i did).

20 minutes of film is 2000 feet, or 48,000 frames, so you start accumulating LOTS of data. kind of lyk da feztinmofo :lola: archivez.

Haha kind of like our tractor milf archival materials

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This might be god telling me to transfer that rach disc tho. Hmmm

dis might pozz be of interest to da colour-loving pogomofo n da hiztorically-inclined fatty

a doc about a very early attempt at colour motion pictures:

i’ve tried dis digitally n it’s quite good.

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I’ll keep all of that in mind for future reference.

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Thanks for this…will watch.

Yeah, my interest in photography and photo editing spawned an interest in light and color (or colour).

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I missed up when pitch shifting but thought this sounded cool

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Pitch locked to starting on an A instead of B flat

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Sounds right to me!

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Transferring films from stock looking more appealing now.

Produced by boris balsoff lol