New Arcane and Unfollowable Transfer / Record Making / Remaster Thread

Frame interp work on this non smeared stuff pretty well. Creepy tho!

These pathe files are small but high enough quality to work with the AI stuff. Weird audio gating tho.

Anybody know of other good sheeyat from that archive. I forget.

Spiritual father of tractor gilf poss

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Haha pozz

Son of tractorgilf?

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Gonna try to see if this shit works on kat cziff bee

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Cool as F!


Poss primary use for this stuff or else why they have sharpen butthole setting.

Sadly bee look bad. The kino capture too bad at start and res to low to make look cosmetically better.

Yo, I subscribe to Ted Gioia’s Substack and in his most recent post, he linked to your “enhanced, and pitch corrected” video of Tatum playing Yesterdays.


Nice! I forget people watch these.

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Greatest ho in london ever times 50

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Replay do the 50fps and look a lot better. Youtube is a mystery!

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Yeah their compression a bit wtf

Vimeo vids always look better.

Sure but their mobile app is sucky

Dat comb over, tho!

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Og colors from the DVD

He turns pink and purple in some shots but that better than matrix green and yellow.

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What’s up with that hoof slam in the beginning?