New Arcane and Unfollowable Transfer / Record Making / Remaster Thread

I wonder what kind of music Chopin would’ve composed if he’d lived another 10-15 years.

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Da camel dick got those moves from observing da mad scientist era Ho recs for sure


Pozz like da Polo Fant

He play more physically than I appreciate from seeing this vid before in its less clear state.

The hoof slams sound less jarring in the audio recording. Guessing different mic positioning for the audio vs for the broadcast recordings.


The Horowitz in London audio release was apparently patched from May 18, 20 (rehearsal?) and May 22 recs do that makes sense

TV broadcast was May 22 live, only.

There was also another concert on May 29 (not televised) with some different rep which exists only on bootleg:

Yeah this must be live sound. Didn’t sense any weird mis alignments when looking it over or gratuitous shots of his face during hard stuff.

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Yeah the TV broadcast was done live

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Gonna redo. the Brown got too much red it when pushing up the color gain. Checked against modern vid of the panels and way too purpley. Hmmm

Enjoying torturing these weirdo subscribers tho!

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Ok I change my mind and stick with the more saturated red shifted ho version. Just looks better if not more accurate to source. Ho look like he ate a bad clam and jaundiced in the og sheeyat for some reason.

Test 2 and unseen behind the scenes footage of the boron nitride playback with old school downforce.

Sounds worse, but it’s interesting.

Next gonna be an emulsion of micronized boron nitride and mineral oil. Try not to bust thinking about it!

Looks like jizz. Wow I can hear the surface damage much more clearly. I wonder if this help the algos that clean it?

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lol this sheeyat record got too lubed and slipped out of my hand and broke. RIP thrashed rach debussy friend!

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Omg literally my worst nightmare for lenses

That’s why I firmly strap all lenses around my COCK when handling them


Do any of you pervs have interviews you’d like me to run through the AI restoration plugin I accidentally bought because I forgot to return it? Doesn’t work on music but is best in class for voice. Have it open to fulfill a request to fix a Serkin interview. He share the secrets of his hideous tone poss.


just wired in my 24/192 DAC n streamed sum nice modern lossless 24/192 recz to it

did a blind A/B test - can i tell da difference from lossy?

can i fuck

glad to know my lossy library is as satisfying as lossless :sunglasses:

maybe juz unpack my sony walkman n use dat from now on


Yeah, there isn’t a discernible difference 99% of the time. Unless your lossy files are 192kbps or less, at this point with how affordable storage is, 16/44.1 flac files are small enough to justify the psychological/placebo niceties of having CD equivalent files.

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Smooth but fiery. Classy pianist.

Intensely random fact: the dad of one of my exes used to cut Solomon’s hair in the 80s.