Pianists with biggest repertoire

It would be interesting to see which pianists had/have biggest repertoire…

Of course that some of them didn’t play live all the things they recorded (like Howard with his Liszt project), but never the less they learned it (and recorded it!)

So, of old pianists I think winner would be:

Sviatoslav Richer :slight_smile:


Claudio Arrau

Of live pianists, let’s name:

Leslie Howard

hyperion-records.co.uk/find. … arch&vw=dc
And complete Beethoven and other stuff…

Vladimir Ashkenazy


Csaba Kiraly


I listen him three times and went on a dinner after one concert. Asked him if he really played all of these works named above and he told me that he did! He usually plays different programs every few days…

Idil Biret


Jeno Jando

arkivmusic.com/classical/Nam … er/14382-2

Andras Schiff
harrisonturner.co.uk/schiff% … graphy.htm

Marc Andre Hamelin

arkivmusic.com/classical/Nam … mer/4999-2

Also maybe:

Francesco Libeeta

libetta.it/index.php?option= … =6&lang=en

Well firzt of all I think people who suck ass shudn’t count


winner ^

da fake already covered tiz wit hiz answer

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probably Biret, but the question then becomes:

would you want to hear her play any of that shit?

Leslie Howard is probably wasting his life in a proyect that actually would sounds just the same if instead of him, it would be a MIDI playing all Liszt Works

wut recz of da TRUPACE haz u actually herd? 8)

I think Arrau had a bigger rep than Richter.

not really :smiley:

As far as I know, he played:

  • complete Bach works
  • complete Mozart Sonatas
  • complete Beethoven sonatas, violin sonatas & concertos, plus some variations
  • a lot of Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Chopin
  • Liszt
  • Debussy

Not so much chamber music, Russians and 20th century, like Richter…

So harsh… da lezbo is a gentleman and a scholar…

The man is a freaking genius when it comes to knowing anything about da Pimp :pimp:

TRU… but damm… why won’t he just keep himself busy on some of the unknown sheeyat and play them well instead of covering the rest of the pieces that have been already (much better) recorded.

this guy is also a SCHOLAR

:comme: :stop:

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rofl not unlike you mr. atwood 8)


He propably played many of them really sloppy :wink:

Da Doc haz a rep at something like 200 times the size of a normal pianist. He doesn’t perform it all, but he’s done more than you can think of.

da zim claims to have a HUGE repertoire, and he said in an interview he only performs about 1% of what he knows in total, mostly because he doesn’t think his audience is ready for a lot of it, or some shit like that. what a dick.