Pieces that took a while to appreciate but now you love

Top picks for me - Chopin Polonaise-Fantasie. Chopin Barcarolle.
Medtner - in general!
Rachmaninoff Sonata 1 & Concerto 4
Beethoven - Late works generally

Lots of things, but most when I was very young. I remember the Scriabin-5 as coming across as a complete racket and possibly with the notes spurted out at random when I first heard it, but it eventually started making sense to me - many years later - and now I of course love it. Beethoven’s unnamed sonatas similarly showed the signs of an utterly talentless composer to begin with, but also dawned on me eventually. These not merely through passage of time though but through striking performances I gradually discovered (still waiting with some of them). And then there was the great Bach enigma which didn’t begin to fully unravel until in 2011, though I did enjoy some things - Richter’s DWK I for instance - long before that.

In recent times the best example I can think of is the Busoni concerto. Best fucking concerto in the literature. For two decades - despite attempts to penetrate it - it only came across as this big, unwieldly, late romantic spectacle to me.

Allright so it’s not the best fucking concerto in the literature, but I’m tired of the Rach-3, Brahms-2 etc, and in terms of listening experience I’ve never had anything like it. I’ve never taken DMT, but I have ridden with wide open eyes on the back of this monster.

Later Scriabin took time with me too. I’m hesitant to call his later works ‘greater’ though as even the 2nd and 3rd sonatas are -while less innovative - stunningly perfect works for what they are.

It’s great value for money if you’re like me and you only go to symphonic concerts to hear the piano concerto. To the topic, maybe thr Diabelli variations. Except that I still don’t like it (or rather, still don’t know it). I need to know this as I’m hearing it twice this season.

I still don’t love the work but this is as convincing a performance as I’ve heard.

I heard Siirala perform it live a while back but it was puzzling to me at the time.

ahahahaha daiiiiiim

da zepp randomly cant think of any zheeyat :comme:

bazically if i hear a zong 5 tymz n ztill dun lyk it, tiz a lozt cauze :sunglasses:

diabelli varz i ztill dun really lizten to becuz i wuznt a fan of tha theme when i firzt heard it

erotica varz r tha zuperiah varz imo

but on zubject tru alzo tha BUZ concerto tha xzdc quote my exact thoughtz on tha zheeyat:

my memory iz really only tha firzt mvt wit zum corny orch intro n then random not zo gud zounding arpz fo 5 pagez :doc:

Tru, I love the eroica variations and the C minor ones also. I think I’ll just need to listen to the Diabelli more, but I’ve been pretty unmotivated.

One day Rob!

I really like the F major vars and the Turkish march ones too. Clearly not the same ambitious works as the Eroica or Diabelli, but fun nonetheless.

Godowsky: tonz of stuff, now I luv it. Yes Godo, be ma daddy :sunglasses:

Chopin: polonasal fant, zon 3

Scrib: now I like da early stuff too 8) still not a fan of Scribzon 3 tho

Schönberg: now dat I is into trannies, I like his freely atonal (not 12 tone) 88 workz

Liszt: I loved pretty much everything of his and STILL do.

Rachmaninoff: I appreciate his 88 writin fo da coloriztic genzui now, tho I iz ztill not zo crazy about hiz muzic. Rachzon 1, I juz… juz CAN’T. :sunglasses:

Debussy: randomly I is a huge fuckin fan… whut genzui writin, all zo wikidly planned, thoroughly “correct” n jus boootiful

Which Godowsky works?

Early Scriabin is a good point actually. I meant to bring it up in the Etude thread, several of his both Etudes and Preludes and really beautiful and quite underplayed. It feels like a perfect match for the kind of playing emerging from the young generation now as well.

I’ll admit to some early issues in understanding Scrib 6/8/10, Ives Sonata 2, Medtner Minacciosa.

Not much trouble ‘getting’ the rest of Scrib or Medtner music. Then again, I don’t usually expect to get something immediately… I tend to invest some time in new works before forming an opinion.

Godowsky? The Strauss transcriptions, shorter works (Waltz poems, elegy fo left hand) and of course the MONUMENTAL sonata and also the Passacaglia…

I can’t praise dem enuff!

Randomly I’ve never warmed to the Passacaglia. I know it well and I recognize that it’s an impressive work, pianistically and compositionally… but I don’t think it’s particularly good music.

I like it far better den da Rach Corelli n Chopin Vars…

Btw I forgot to mention dat I adore most of da Godo Java suite too.

One piece I didn’t like at first was the Prokofiev G minor concerto. This seems crazy now since it’s one of my favourites. I think it took that Eckardstein performance from the QEC for me to fall in love with it.

What Chris says is how I feel about most of Godowsky’s original compositions. But I too love his transcriptions - the Chop/Gods of course, the Strauss Waltzes, but very much also the Bach transcriptions (and nearly everything else too). Hehe, love how Bolet lined up the works he had played in the interview segment I posted incidentally. “…the Chopin Etudes, quite a number from the Java suite, and many of the smaller transcriptions… The Bach Cello Suite in C major for instance”. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like the passacaglia, mostly from da Doc’s video performance. Who else plays it, randomly?
I know coqdorysme did it, but you don’t hear about many people playing it.