Pieces that took a while to appreciate but now you love

Well there’s an Eckardstein broadcast of it that I’ve been after forever. The recs I have are Hamelin, Scherbakov, Stanhope, Siirala, and Grante. And a new rec by Lukasz Kwiatkowski, which is pretty decent.

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I’ve randomly heard Hamelin play this live.

Aged about 13…

Mad jealous. I’m assuming this was in the pre bootlegging days?

Ahahahah fuck!!!

Zo da DOC alzo quite pozz

Peaked at 12 :zogo: :sunglasses:

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Yes, but there is a recording! It was in a tiny hall called the Amorina Hall, which is in the basement of a library in one of Bucharest’s suburbs, but the presenter had nonetheless convinced the Turkish radio to be there. It was aired a few days or weeks later, but I didn’t record it. It was only the 2nd piano recital I attended, and the first out of free will.


Ahahaha I wud be interezted in cin a TINY DOC vid

Pozz da DOC himzelf cud u/l to inztagram :sunglasses:

There is a DOC vid of da passacaglia?

Tru I wanna see dat EPIC vid perf

Fauré - lots of the piano-solo stuff (Nocturnes, Barcarolles) I love now, but it was only after working/studying some of these pieces seriously myself @ da 88.
Sibelius - the Symphonic work. When in my 20s I thought it was sheeyat but now I love almost all da Symphonies.
Medtnerd - that’s mainly since I discovered the recordingz of da composah himself.


Da PRIVATE :doc: rectal cummahaha!


da zepp cunzidah diz pozz da moz legendarily epic 88 zong evah

alzo note da gensui of bazically ztayin in da zame key fo 20 minz, diz a LUBE-cuntinuouz-arp level innovative idea :sunglasses:

alzo da moz legendary part of diz perf iz da fact dat:

da page turnah mofo iz FULLY ERECT thruout

prezumably az a zign of REZPEC :sunglasses:

Datz rite!

Also, da DOC clearly dun need da score!

hahahhahahaa diz genzui!! n tru da DOC iz sitting on zcorez o pozzibly da phone book or zumthin

ahahahah alzo a bit harzh dat

da PRIME DOC PIMP TRANZ rep bazically anchored by da 3 huge mofoz (TANNED HO, DJ n NORMA)

n now he only prog da ERNANI

or az hiz adorin japland fanz wud zay

‘er, nani?’ :sunglasses:


image Da Tanned Ho pozz da pinnacle of trans rep.

Da TM still doing cock stretching exercises before even attempting dat mofo.
Da core ov dat tranz iz da climax RH octs shakah sect dat many mofos simplify into raw octs.

HAHAHAHAH n WTF wuz dat move at 52’35!!!

:doc: :rofl:

mannnnn zcrib 8? i know zcrinb 7 iz tha bezt n mozt accezzibl fo tha late zonz but tha 8th iz amaizng n pobablay my fav :lib:

Wtf this DOC program!

But wtf da position of da camera

Hahaha TRU da DOC gensui